Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another Year Older, But No Wiser

Yesterday I turned 26. I am now closer to 30 than 20. Eww

It was a horrible day. HORRIBLE.

I started the morning by finding a black widow in my classroom. In a basket that's been sitting by my feet for weeks. Who knows how long she's been hanging out there.

I had a girl try to spend the day in the bathroom. She wasn't feeling well, and refused to leave the bathroom floor. I got her to come to class, and a little while later she asked to go the bathroom. Not wanting her to puke in my room, I let her go. After 10 minutes, I sent two girls to look for her, and she was MIA. So the girls thankfully were smart enough to go right up to the office and let them know. After an all out manhunt, they found her in a bathroom on the other side of the school. Thank God!! What was the worst was the assistant principal came to ask me what she was wearing, and she was like, well why didnt you tell someone she was missing? Um, I just told you lady! I didn't know she was missing until the office called to tell me the girls couldnt find her. As far as I knew she was puking in the bathroom! What was I supposed to do? Leave 28 kids unattended and go check on her?

Then I had to jet out of school for a workshop that started at 3:15 and was at a school 20 minutes away (on a good day) when our kids don't even get on the bus until 3:15. And of course, I was stuck behind buses, and walked in late at 3:45.

The whole way there I was on the phone with my awesome mama who has been harassing my Dr's office all week. They kept putting the wrong code on my referral, so I've been waiting almost a month to see a specialist. Rahr! Thankfully all of her harassing has paid off. I just got off the phone with Tricare, and my referral is all updated and ready to go :)

The worst part was the whole day my hubs didnt say ANYTHING about it being my birthday. I was so upset! For his sake, he did come home and redeem himself with chocolate cheesecake and the sewing machine I've been wanting. I've been dying to make some things I've seen on pinterest, but I'm NOT sewing them by hand. lol!

So as of around 10am yesterday morning, I am another year older, but I don't feel any wiser. Just worn out, and ready for another summer vacation!!


  1. Oh geeze, what a day! Happy Birthday! Yay for cheesecake and a sewing maching! (Love pinterest)

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm sorry it wasn't such a good day. But yay for cheesecake & a new sewing machine :)

  3. Happy birthday! Sounds like one heck of a day. I'm glad it ended well - cheesecake will fix anything, I'm quite sure. Hoping for an awesome year for you, despite the way it started out!

  4. Happy Birthday! I'm sorry your day wasn't the greatest...but things can only get better! :) My Birthday is tomorrow and I am also turning 26! :)

  5. Happy Birthday

    & you are not old. :)

  6. Happy Birthday. I'll be 29 in November so I'm much closer to 30 then you!

  7. I remember that feeling of hitting 26. Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy belated! Trust me, life at 30 is SOOOOO much better than the 20s!

  9. happy belated birthday! I hope the week went better!!