Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day Y'all

Today is my LAST day off until Thanksgiving! Isn't that insane?! I always remember getting Columbus Day off back in NY, but apparently in the South, we do not celebrate it. Boooooo!! lol

I'm off to spend the day NOT laboring. lol. I plan on relaxing with the hubster and doing a whole lot of nothing. I just wanted to stop in and share some funny pictures of my grandfather. This is my dad's dad. Him & his cousins were picketing one Labor Day when he was in his late teens/early twenties because my Great Great Aunt Rose had them working on the farm on Labor Day. Hope y'all find them as amusing as me :)

You can't really read all of their signs because these photos are about 60 years old, but they say things like "Aunt Rose is a Scab" "Unamerican to work on Labor Day" "Communist" etc etc. lol My grandfather is the ring leader all the way to the right with his "drum"

The Picket Line
This is in front of my Great Great Aunt's house. My Great Aunt Rose still live in this house.

Gramps & Aunt Rose... isnt he such a stud?!

Working anyways. lol
This barn is still across the street from her house, although it hasnt had cows since my dad was little. Now they use it as storage. It's probably 100 years old

The barn as it stands today-You can see it's got a stone foundation instead of cement. My Aunt's house is the same way. It's got rocks holding up the wall of the basement instead of cement, that's how old the house is. Its pretty creepy to be in that basement, let me tell ya!


  1. What sweet old photos. I love looking though my Uncle's that are similar to this.
    And that's too bad you don't get a break until Thanksgiving! Ow.

  2. haha I love those pictures! Great mementos :)