Saturday, September 3, 2011

Magic Trash

For all of my fellow teachers out there, or even mommies!

I mentioned in my last post that I got moved out into this horrible hut (or "the shed" as my husband so lovingly refers to it) and its got old, stinky, filthy carpet. Our custodians are stretched thin, so we normally dont get our rooms cleaned daily. Last year it was no problem at all, because I would just have my kiddos sweep the floor. They were such a helpful bunch & would literally fight over who got to sweep. This year with my nasty carpets, we can't just sweep up our messes, we have to wait for the custodian to vacuum. So, we play MAGIC TRASH :D Yes, I trick my kiddos into cleaning up THEIR mess, but they love playing it, so I don't feel bad.

You walk around the room and mentally pick out one piece of trash. Then you have the students start picking up the trash and showing it to you. You look at the trash & tell them if they picked up the "Magic Trash" or not. Whoever picks up the Magic Trash gets a piece of candy from the candy jar. Once they find it you can pick a new piece until the floor is all cleaned up. Mostly with my kiddos its little pieces of paper and pencil shavings. I wouldnt have my kiddos picking up gross things like tissues or gum.

Just a fun little idea that got passed along to me, so I am passing it along to y'all.


  1. Thats such a cute idea! Ill put that in my arsenal of teaching tips!

  2. Good idea! I know we used to have the kids at church class do that and it really worked. :)
    Cute blog! I love it! x