Monday, October 3, 2011


Have y'all seen THIS site

I've read through quite a few entries, and it's beyond depressing. What has happened to our country that was a supposed super power? So many people living pay-check to pay-check. So many people losing their homes. It's beyond terrible.

We don't live pay-check to pay-check, but we don't have much left over each month because of our investment in our land. For the past 4 years, NC has been on a pay freeze. I'm paid as a second year teacher even though this is my fifth year. It stinks a whole lots that I should be making hundreds of dollars more each month, but I'm glad I have a job that helps provide a second income for the hubs and I. Its given us to the ability to take in 4 dogs, and 2 horses who needed homes.

I'm thankful that my hubs has a steady paycheck from Uncle Sam. I'm also super thankful that he is getting a nice little raise this month. While my job is decided each year by the budget, I'm glad that my husband will not be laid off any time soon.

If you haven't checked out that tumblr account, you should. Its intense.


  1. I just read the first page and I couldn't read any more. It is so sad! My hubby and I have it good now but this makes me really worry about our future. It is sad that a there is such a huge divide between the rich and working.

  2. This was tough to read. I live check to check. I'm a teacher. I don't have much other option. :(

  3. wow, this post was very overwhelming. its sad to see alot of people going thru rough times.