Friday, October 7, 2011

Be prepared to tear up... An animal "Miracle"

Story copied from  THIS link via Animal Planet

Starving Dog Survives Jump From Third Story Window


puppy jumps out window 

Demonstrating the remarkable spirit of animals, a starving dog left in an abandoned apartment for two month jumped from a third-story window in a desparate attempt to find food. Amazingly, the tenacious dog survived the fall and even helped rescue a puppy still locked inside. 
A Karmic Moment for Miracle & Gracie
The one-year-old Pit bull mix, now named 'Miracle' and afour-month-old puppy, now named 'Gracie,' were apparently abandoned by their owners in a New Bedford, MA apartment for nearly two months. Emaciated Miracle made a courageous leap for help by diving out of a third story window and karmically at that exact moment, a police officer pulled to the curb outside the residence to stop a car. The officer looked up and saw the painfully thin dog jump.
Article-2045893-0E412ACE00000578-149_634x337Miracle broke her hip and hind leg in the fall, but the officer was there to immediately help her.
Miracle’s amazing leap led Animal Control officers inside the apartment where they found malnourished pup Gracie hanging onto life and too weak to stand.
No food was found in the filthy apartment, but the dogs had managed to survive on a “water source” they found.  Animal control officers say when they got into the flat, they found it flea-infested and with feces all over the floor.
The Road to Recovery
Both dogs are receiving emergency care and surgeons successfully repaired Miracle's broken hip and hind leg, but she will require ongoing monitoring in addition to a special feeding program to address the effects of malnutrition. Little Gracie is now eating and her electrolyte levels are sound according to reports.
This horrible neglect of innocent animals constitutes felony cruelty against an animal -- to report any information that might help bring the !#*%#@! person(s) responsible to justice, visit New Bedford Animal Control to obtain contact information.


  1. I swear it's shit like this that makes me want to hurt my own kind (humans) and I know we are not suppose to believe in an eye for an eye but I really want to hurt bad owners that do this to any dog or cat. It's just plain wrong.

  2. I cannot believe people are so evil they would do this. I get upset enough at people who think they want a dog, just to give it up to a shelter once they realize they don't want to walk/brush/feed them. But, at least those people don't leave their dogs to die miserably. Gah I am one cry baby mess after reading this.