Sunday, November 13, 2011

All grown up... or not?!

Back in April I posted THIS blog about getting a new addition to our family. A 13 week old terror with 4 legs whose options were us or pound. Obviously, we took the little stinker in. Back then he weighed in at about 25lbs. Now the "little" porker tips the scales at over 60lbs... and guess what?! He's only 9 months old! Yep, this little pupper still possibly has some growing to do.

Be sure to go back to the post of Rebel's first appearance and check out how little he looks next to Dixie, our 40lb female pitbull... Then come back and see what a beast he's become!

He may be scary because of the reputation pitbulls have, but I'll be the first to tell you that you needn't worry unless you are a bird, mouse, or other small furry creature. They absolutely LOVE people. It's kind of pathetic. If you dont let them sit next to you on the couch they will sit there and look at you in the most pathetic way and wimper. Our other two dogs don't do that. Pitbulls = needy, cuddle bugs!!

She may be littler, but she kicks his butt!

Rebel (9mo) & Dixie (2.5yrs)


Rebel, Ty & Dixie

They look like they're up to no good

They're ridiculously fast

She looks so little!

I'm so glad he didnt grow into his big floppy ears

Miley... no, that's not snow. It's the remains of many dead stuffed animals. RIP

My big man

She has no intention of joining in the playing

Mmm sticks

Itchy Itchy Itchy

I love that he hops. I has to be part bunny!

They now go in size order, backwards! Miley is the oldest, then Dixie, Ty & Rebel.


  1. I always love puppy posts. Pitbulls get such a bad reputation, but as you prove they are just sweethearts!

  2. Your dogs are gorgeous! I Love your blog and glad I am a new follower! :) Erin (another Erin) :)

  3. Just stumbled across your blog. Rebel reminds me a lot of my guy, Leopold (in looks, anyway).
    I noticed your dogs love to disembowel stuffed animals (at least they did a few years ago!); Leopold loves that as well! If you're interested, I came up with a fun game that is similar in nature (pull bits of stuffing out), but is WAY easier to clean up. and reusable. Details are here:
    Very cute photos--though I suppose photos always turn out that way when the subject is cute ;-)