Sunday, November 6, 2011

Major Update:

I seriously have no touched my computer in almost a month (aside from paying my century link bill last week) School has exhausted me, and I come home and crash every night. 29 students are BEYOND exhausting.

I have missed so many of your blog posts that it is going to take me an eternity to catch up. Thankfully we will be having more days off coming up. This time of year, between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a giant waste. The kiddo's are crazy, and I spend way more time babysitting & counseling that I do teaching. It makes you see the pros in a year long school that has a 6 week break at the holidays.

So what have I been up to besides being beyond lazy when I get home from school?
-I made my first apple pie using THIS recipe
It was actually SUPER easy!! I didnt have any nutmeg, so I skipped that, and I added some brown sugar  after I poured in the apples.

-I made this yummy mac'n'cheese using THIS recipe via pinterest
It was DELISH! Totally unhealthy (even with me not using the powdered cheese and half the butter) but sooooooo worth it!

-I made these Halloween decorations inspired by THIS pinterest post

-I made this fun halloween wreath for less than $10
I got this black cloth from the dollar store ($1), and wrapped it around a dollar store wicker wreath ($1)
I spray painted ($4) the skulls ($1 for the big, and $1 for the 4 little ones) and glittered their eyes (I had the glitter) Then I wrapped them around, and glued on the big guy.

-Spending time with my horses
They are both doing amazingly. Illusion only has to add a little more muscle tone along her spine to be able to ride her. I am beyond pleased with her progress :)

-Visiting the state fair & laughing at all of the ridiculous new fair foods they come up with each year to top the last
This sounded absolutely disgusting! lol

This is my favorite "fair food"-maple syrup cotton candy! Its what I look forward to every year

-Rescuing an abandoned puppy

I just happened to be feeding her when my amazing friend Crystal text messaged me. She just so happened to know someone who wanted a puppy, and within a few short hrs, this little lady had a new home! Her name is Phoebe, and she is getting lots of loving from her new daddy. 

You can see in the background that the trailer her "family" lived in burned down. The first day after the fire I noticed that she was still there, but they had taken their other dog with them to wherever they went. Since she appears to be a pit-mix, I figured that was the reason that they couldnt take her right away. I didnt see her again for a few days, so I thought the low-lifes came back for her. Well, they didn't. I saw her again almost a week later. Still there, all alone. I fed her everything in my car including some leftover potatoes, and some slim-jims. Once we were BFF's I wisked her away to her new home with a family who wasnt just going to leave her behind.

-Seeing Josh Turner in concert for free (one of the perks of being at a military base)
...I'll post a picture of his amazing hotness when I find the husbands camera...


  1. I wish Josh Turner would come here!!!!! Glad the dog has a home!

  2. I have missed you, lady! :) I'm glad to see that you are doing well! Look at you going to town on your Pinterest crafts! Love it! :)

  3. Aw, you're so sweet to have rescued that puppy. He's adorable. Also, that mac n' cheese looks SO good! I think I might try making it for Thanksgiving :)

    Welcome back.