Sunday, November 20, 2011

Will you stop?

I saw this floating around facebook. I don't eat McDonalds often. If I'm going to get fast food, I normally try and talk the hubs into subway or quiznos. Every once in a while, he'll want McDonalds. And I don't forsee myself refraining from the occasional mcnugget based on this picture, especially if I'm only eating it a few times a year. 

It seems like now-a-days EVERYTHING seems to cause cancer, or some sort of health ailment. If I spent my whole life wondering what was going to happen to me before I put something in my mouth, I would starve to death!

Don't eat meat with growth hormones or you'll grow an extra appendage, or maybe become a harry wildebeest... Don't eat vegetables out of a can or you'll get botchulism... Don't eat fish or you'll get mercury poisoning... and now: Don't eat McDonalds or you'll get cancer...

It all makes my head hurt, and I honestly don't care all that much. I think as long as you eat EVERYTHING in moderation, a little of something isn't going to kill you... or that's what I'm going to tell myself :)

Is there anything y'all don't eat because of something you've read?


  1. When I was little, my mom used to tell us mcdonalds caused cancer so we wouldn't eat it! Haha. Anyway, the only thing I really will care about is organic milk so my daughter doesn't have a period at age 9 from estrogen in mass produced milk. Even 'healthy' soy milk causes breast cancer. We ask are going to die anyway!

  2. I totally agree everything in moderation. They've even had recent studies saying multivitamins taken over a lifetime can have negative health effects over a lifetime. I think everyone just needs to remember moderation! lol

  3. We try to do everything in moderation, too. Although, I've switched over to antibiotic free chicken & beef when I can find it. I also switched to Organic milk, except that's because it lasts so long. The only thing I made a really conscious effort of changing was nitrate free bacon, because we eat A LOT of bacon. And if we're going to die from bacon, we'd rather because it's got so much fat, not because nitrates cause cancer :-) But most stuff, we just do in moderation, can't worry about every single thing we put in our mouths.

  4. While I totally agree with what you're saying (I too am a HUGE rebel in eating some golden-arch fries every now and then) I also think that you're right in saying EVERYTHING causes cancer these days... because with the way we eat, it does! We have to remember that canned foods were invented for times of war and long voyages when there were food shortages and that's all that was available. And meat that's been pumped full of hormones eventually pumps us full of hormones too.

    Like I said, I agree withy ou in that it is rediculous.. and I'm totally guilty of eating all the above... but it also makes sense that it's all so bad for us. I recently watched the documentaries Food Inc and Forks Over Knives and they both totally gave me a bit of perspective and a reminder that I need to change my eating habbits.

    haha end rant.

  5. I stopped eating McDonald's YEARS ago, I'm talking probably 7+ years ago. The food is terrible for you. I don't eat any fast food, and I prefer to buy organic, because of the hormones they put in food. Organic is not a 100% must, but definitely a preference for sure! I honestly think the organic meat tastes better. I also am the type to buy my produce from the local farmers here, because I am lucky enough to have that luxury so at least I know where it comes from. Not that I'm a health nut, I'm totally not, I just like to know exactly what is going down. No matter how you put it, chemicals and unnatural ingredients are just not good for you. Once and a while is ok, but in everything you eat?! EW!

  6. Personally I think McDonalds is pretty gross so it's not a problem for me to refrain from it... but yeah, if we're on a road trip or something and need a quick bite, I'm not opposed to grabbing one meal there in like a year ha. But at the same time, I'm not an organic eater by any means. I know people who won't touch anything processed and I just feel like A) I can't afford to live that way, and B) I feel like pretty much everything is bad for you (heard recently that tofu is really bad for you?) so we have to just eat what we can and try to be healthy but also just relax!