Thursday, December 1, 2011

Adoption Bans

Adoption bans are running ramped through North Carolina. The county that I live in thankfully is really lax about animal control, and doesnt participate in the adoption bans, but Cumberland County, just one county over, was considering automatic euthanization for any dog deemed a "bully breed"

Meaning all pitbulls, German shepherds, rottweilers, and the like would be automatically euthanized within 3 days of being brought to the shelter, with no chance for adoption.

Thankfully, they were met with 18,000 emails, and 100 strong crowd. As a compromise, the Animal Control Board has decided to make adopting these banned breeds harder (ie a background check) and that way hopefully preventing them from being adopted for dog fighting, and any other forms of animal cruelty. (more HERE)

It absolutely floors me that people can be so discriminatory towards a helpless animal. I have never met a mean pittbull, GSD, or rottweiler. Ever.

I don't know how many times I can say that my pitbulls are the sweetest dogs on the planet. They are cuddly, loving, and crave affection from people. As I type this I have one curled up at my feet. HOWEVER, my dachshund is MEAN. She absolutely does not like meeting new people. She has nipped at repair men & little children.

They say the most aggressive dogs are chihuahuas, dachshunds, jack russels, cocker spaniels & chows. In that order. No mention of any of the so called "bully breeds" Why? Because the media likes to highlight any wrong-doing of these so call evil dogs.

How can anyone not love these squishy little faces?!


  1. I wrote a lengthy e-mail.. though I'm sure it wasn't read. The news of what they were trying to do went viral and people putting their foot down is ultimately what stopped the ban. It gives me some hope in humanity.. all I can say is that I'm beyond happy that it wasn't passed and brought to light some issues in that area so hopefully now the adoption rate will pick up and quality owners will be found.. next step.. no kill shelters!

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  2. You dogs are beautiful! And as you know I'm right there with you thinking that adoption bans are uncalled for!

  3. I grew up with pits and I can honestly say I have never seen a mean pit. When you look into a pits face you can see the emotion. I was bit in the face by a toy poodle when I was maybe the time my parents owned 3 large dogs 2 pits and one lab I never so much as got a scratch from them.