Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What's wrong with our society!

Too many people who are looking for a handout... what happened to the people who were too proud to accept help? Seems like nowadays there are way too many people who feel entitled, and always wanting to know what the government is going to give them. How about you earn it yourself?!


  1. There's a parent at my school - child has been in trouble for years now, has issues with drugs, gangs, etc, and is always making trouble. She has multiple other children as well, no father figure. She makes excuses for her child. I asked someone the other day what she does for a living, how does support her family, etc, and my co-worker said, "You do. Your salary." I can't imagine having to rely on the gov't for my only support and not TRYING to at least "earn my keep" by raising thankful, appreciative children.

  2. I don't mean to sounds like a heartless biatch but birth control probably should have been forced down her throat. 15 kids?! That's insane and the fact the American tax dollars are being used to support her and her family while she (maybe) does nothing but stay at home is not cool with me. My mom's a social worker & I work in for a government agency so I know first hand of how people take advantage of the system. I know the economies bad but if you have to scrub toilets to feed your kids, do it.