Sunday, January 15, 2012

cue panic attack NOW

So, I had every intention of announcing this a million times... and every time I decided today was the day I was going to do it, something came up. Bad blogger, I know. When was the last time I actually posted a SUBSTANTIAL post? Hmmm...

Anywho, the big announcement: We're expecting (just like 80% of the blogs I follow. What the heck is in the water?! Seriously, did I miss the memo & just happened to be part of the cool kids? And even 3 girls from my sorority in college... and were all having girls)

I planned on announcing it when we made it through our first trimester, but I suck. Then, I figured I'd do it when we found out what we were having, (It's a girl! :D) but I didnt do it then either... How about by posting it with a picture of the 238439845943 outfits I got from my mom & sister for Christmas? Oh right, my stupid blogger app is broken, and I didnt bother to bring the macbook on our Christmas trip around the northeast. I really wanted to make the announcement on a significant day... so the significance of today: the first day of trimester #3

WHAT THE HECK?! How did that happen?! Have I really been pregnant for 28 weeks?! Where the heck did the time go? 84 days left until I'm in charge of a little person. EEEEEEKKKKK... (84 days til maternity leave. WOOOHOOO. lol)

And so, thanks to my little pregnancy app, I'm have a MAJOR meltdown. I am not prepared AT ALL. Like not even a little. I see everyone posting their completed nurseries on here, as well as facebook, and I feel like I'm having a major FAIL moment. Instead of trying to get her room in order, I've been sitting on my couch all morning pinning all these great ideas via pinterest, but am I getting anything accomplished? Absolutely not!

So far I've:
Painted the room (or rather the hubs did)
Gotten her a crib
Been supplied with 28348375348 outfits thanks to family
Started stocking the diapers
And covered the electrical outlets... which is about the only craft I've bothered to actual complete, and not just add to my list of "do before the baby gets here"

Well listen up erin! The baby will be here in 84 days, so get your fat butt in gear!!

Before I get my butt in gear, I'll leave you with a few pictures of the hot mess that is our future nursery.

My one shining moment... scrapbook paper & modge podge!

Then I had to ruin it by using my electric screwdriver & ripping the paper on the last screw (bottom right) Ughhh... You can barely see it, but it'll bother me forever. I need to think of a crafty fix that doesnt require me redoing it.

Woohoo.. At least we have a crib (complete with girly knobs) but sadly it is full of crap, with no room for baby

Baby girl crap that has yet to be put away... I plan on redoing those pink bins with new fabric... they have a home in a shelving unit, but sadly it is still in the garage, half painted (in my defense, the hubs wont let me spray paint, so that is all on him, for once)

More baby girl clothes/toys with no homes

The closet chock full... oh wait, those are my dresses... that have no where to go, because my actual closet is busting at the seems... guess I have to add cleaning it out to my list of things to do...

I did manage to put away a lot of her clothes... so I think I should get some credit... right?!

Alright, no more stalking blogs, pinning things to pinterest, or creeping on craigslist for a dresser the same color... operation take a shower & do something productive with myself today starts NOW :)


  1. congrats!! How exciting!!! I hear you something must be in the water everyone I know it pregnant hehe! So excited for you :-)

  2. Oh my gosh! You've been holding out on us! CONGRATULATIONS! :) So excited for you!

  3. How exciting, congratulations!

  4. Yay! Congratulations! Love the wall color (it looks like my little mans first nursery) :)

  5. Congratulations!!!!! Don't freak out too much, it will all come together before baby gets here {and if it doesn't as long as she has somewhere to sleep she won't even know!}

  6. Congrats!! :D Thats so exciting!
    You can maybe fix the light switch by hot gluing a little ribbon/bow or a cute little button (:

  7. Wow I can't believe you could hold that secret in that long! haha.. Congratulations!! and seriously, what is up with 2012? It's definitely the year of baby girls! So excited for you!

  8. holy shit! That is awesome! I totally missed this post until I saw your most recent one about the nursery. Congratulations!!

  9. I missed this! CONGRATS! So happy for you!