Monday, January 16, 2012

I seriously think there's something wrong with me...

So, yesterday I got my butt up & was productive until about 4:30 when I realized that I needed to go feed the horses (because I'm a baby about being out there at night. lol) and I needed to pick up some chicken for dinner (the hubs made us chicken stir-fry) I had put away the rest of babygirl's clothes, cleaned out some of mine to be donated, swept & mopped, and even MADE curtains! They're not quite done, since I can't find a pink plaid that I like, but they'll do for now (I'll be back with pictures later)... Then the horses & dinner happened... And, after that all productivity went out the window.

You'd think today maybe I would get up today with a renewed sense of motivation, (down to 83 days til my due date here people) but that's a big, fat NOPE. I fed the horses, and dumped some hot water in their tub since it was frozen & the owner hasn't found the water heaters yet, and I've been sitting here ever since. Doing what you may ask? Adding new boards and rearranging all my pins on pinterest.

WTF?! REALLY?! That's what I've been doing for the last TWO HOURS.

In my defense, the only pregnancy symptom I've had is being super exhausted all the time.

I'm at school from 7-4 pretty much every day, and when I come home, all I want to do is be lazy... and when it's finally the weekend, yup, lazy, lazy, lazzzzzzzzzzy. No morning sickness, no weird cravings (aside from the fact that I'm dying for a glass of wine, and although they say it's safe to have one small glass, I'm still not going to partake) no braxton hicks, or swollen feet (aside from the 22hr car ride over Christmas). Just pure exhaustion...

Being a lazy bum isnt going to get this place ready for baby, so I guess it's time I make my lazy bum get off the internet & get back to work... or get sucked back into pinning all the ideas I have for her, rather than actually doing them. Ooops.


  1. It sounds to me like you got a lot done! And your pregnant! I think you should rest if your tired- even if that means 2 hours on Pinterest :) I've done way worse and i'm not even expecting, LOL.

    Hope you have a great week!


  2. I know what you mean about being exhausted! During my first trimester I could barely stay awake once I got home from work! It's much better now, though. I love those outlet covers you made by the way, so fun!

  3. I dont know what you're talking about girl, you did more in one morning/day than I did all weekend, haha. Hope this weekend is a little different & you get some of your motivation mojo back.