Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let's Talk About Bullying

Over the past 6 years in the classroom, I've noticed a trend with our little "ladies."

When I was growing up, I remember the bully/trouble makers ALWAYS being boys. Well, that is surely not the case anymore. I have a seriously awesome group of boys this year. They never seem to fight over anything (aside from whose pokemon cards are whose) and they always include everyone.

My girls, holy heck, let me tell ya... they are a completely different story!! This year I have a class of 28 (previously 29, but one of my boys PCSd at Christmas time) kiddos, of which, 12 are girls... and of my 12 girls, I have 5 girls that are giving me a run for my money. When they're with me, they're angels, but the second they're out of my sight, they're pure terrors. They bully each other in the bathroom, on the playground, in enhancements, and everywhere else that I'm not around. It's driving me batty. And they're soooooo sneaky about it. And, it's not just my girls from this year. It seems like every year, it's the girls who are upsetting each other, rather than the boys.

Any of the other teachers seeing a trend like this? It seems like physical bullying is a thing of the past, but verbal bullying is getting OUT OF CONTROL, and it seems like its almost entirely little girls behind it. Sending each other mean text messages, making fake emails to send nasty messages, and the rumors... my God, the rumors...

When did our sweet little girls become such sneaky little bullies?

Let's just say, the guidance counselor and I are BFFs right now. She's been a saint about pulling these girls for me, since having 23 other children to look after makes dealing with their antics quite the challenge.


  1. I am so glad that I'm not the only one that notices this! I also have more trouble with girls in my classroom than with boys.

    They are constantly name calling and saying really profound (and totally unacceptable) things to other girls in the classroom!

    My group of girls last year was worse, but this year is also pretty bad! :(

    So sad!

  2. Girls are total jerks. It is really sad to me that girls become so mean towards each other. How do parents miss that sort of thing? It's great you have the guidance counselor as an ally!

  3. The amount of technology we have access too has made passive aggression typically of females that much worse. It sucks.