Monday, March 26, 2012

Sneak Peek

I'm in love! I'll post another picture when I get the rest of the letters done.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

But I don't want to live in a nest!!

I have been "nesting" like crazy today. The combination of babygirl being here any day, and the impending visit from my parents has had me hardcore cleaning all day. I'm hoping to get the house in tip-top shape this weekend, that way I won't really have to do much besides loading the dishwasher, maybe a load or two of laundry (having packed closets helps me go weeks between loads ;) he he) and sweeping up any dirt the critters track in.

I also want to get my hospital bag packed this weekend. Any suggestions on what I need?

Thankfully my darling husband is home & has been a big help (only bc he's fighting the DMV on getting the plate for the boat trailer, or he'd probably be fishing!) around the house. My mom wanted me to make a list of things around the house that my dad & the hubs can do since my dad seriously cannot sit still. The hubs has crossed three things off of it today! Darn him! He wants my dad to come play in the woods with him instead. Lol. We used our tax return to start clearing the 10 acres we purchased. Eventually, we'd like to build a house, but the short term goal is to get it fenced in for the horses so that we can save $150/month on board fees.

He finally hung my super cute picture frame I finished months ago, and finally got around to having the hubs hang. All I did was knock out the glass (I lie... I had my husband shoot out the glass bc I was too lazy, and he needed a target, so it's a win-win) and repainted them. Then I antiqued them & I stapled chicken wire to the back. Clipped up some pictures with mini clothes pins from hobby lobby and voila!

I'm off to "nest" some more, aka put away all the stuff my little one has already been spoiled with so that I can make room for all the stuff my parents will bringing down for babygirl from my family back in NY. Someday I'll actually get around to finishing her dresser & getting some artwork up on the walls. I figure she won't even sleep in there for the first few months anyways, so there really is no rush, right?! ;)

Friday, March 23, 2012

I Need Opinions

I found this on pinterest

and I want to try it with wooden blocks for Amelia's room. I searched through a ton of free fonts, but couldnt find a "horse font" that was what I was looking for, so I kind of made my own using a font called DJ Horse 1, and some random ones that were preloaded on my computer using photoshop elements.

First question: Her room is a golden yellow, teal, and hot pink... so do I alternate the blocks with the pink and teal (since the walls are yellow), or do I do them all just one color?

Second question: Which of these "fonts" that I made do you like better?

Hopefully this pinterest project works, or I'm going to have to find someone with a circuit to make these for me in vinyl ;)

Two More Weeks :)

Our spring break starts two weeks from today. I'm hoping babygirl can stay in there long enough for me to make it these next 14 days. If so, I should be able to take off for the rest of the school year. Woohoo. No more work until next August.

As much as I hope she stays in there, I am so ready for her to come out! My feet are swollen, and check out those awesome sausage fingers! I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring in weeks. I skipped the dreaded morning sickness & was instead blessed with carpal tunnel. My arms are all swollen & go numb at random, especially at night. Any idea how hard it is to use the bathroom with 2 numb arms at 2am, because I do! Lol

The PA who did my last ultrasound said she weighs 6lbs 1oz and is measuring about a week late. Boo!

37 weeks & 5 days :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Ohhhhhhh Korea

My poor, poor husband gets to spend the next 9 months like a pregnant lady, thanks to Korea...

My husband spent a year in Korea before coming here to Bragg, where we met. According to the Army doctors, there pretty sure that's where he contracted tuberculoses. Awesome right?! Thanks Army for endangering his life with a deadly airborne disease! Thankfully my husband has a pretty stellar immune system, and his TB is dormant, otherwise he could have passed it to me... which would have been all sorts of no good since it's much more fatal in infants.

For those of you who have no idea about what happens to someone with TB (like me until a week ago!), it starts with 9 months of antibiotics. If the hubs takes these antibiotics the way he's supposed to, then they should get rid of his TB with no problem, however, if he screws around with taking them, they might have to change his dosage.

So how is it like being pregnant:
1-No drinking for the next 9 months... the antibiotics can cause liver failure if you take them and drink
2-Drs appointments galore... the hubs will have to go in every month for the next 9 months to get blood drawn, to make sure his antibiotics are working
3-He's on a restricted diet... he's going to have to cut some of his favorites out of his diet because they interact with the medications... just like being pregnant, they urge him to stay away from hot dogs/deli meat.

Although this is no laughing matter, and I totally feel for the hubs having this not cool disease, when he compared it to being pregnant, I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that he was getting a small taste of my misery :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New project

I got this little beauty on craigslist from a fellow army wife. It's from the '70s and I think it's adorable. I can't wait to touch it up so it matches Amelia's room. I'll be sure to post an after photo when I get it finished.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Names, Names, Names

Thank you self-timer for my free maternity pictures. I am a cheapo and refuse to pay someone to take pictures I can take myself. lol

That's me, two weeks ago at 34 weeks... now that it's less than a month until babygirl is expected to be due, I am going to reveal the name that I picked. 

Before we found out what we were having, the husband and I made a deal that I would choose the name if it was a girl, and him if it was a boy. He had his fingers and toes crossed that it would be a little boy, and he was definitely disappointed that she is missing her boy parts, but he has since come to terms with the fact that she will be just as much a boy, aside from the fact that she will need to squat when she pees. Growing up, my sister and I were daddy's little redneck girls, and I'm sure, babygirl will be just as redneck as I was growing up. The hubs has already found a pink 22 rifle, a pink bow and arrow, and pink fishing poles. He's totally accepted the concept of daughter now :)

If babygirl had decided to grow some boy parts, she would be named Charles Joseph. Charles after my hubs grandfather, who he absolutely idolizes, and Joseph is my fathers name, my grandfathers name, and is the hubs middle name. Now, I wasn't feeling calling the baby Charles, as it's such a formal name, but I was okay with having a little Charlie, or CJ running around. I actually really like the name Charlie...

Choosing a name was easy for him, since there were no other names that he would even consider for a boy, but for me, I hadn't even really thought about girl names until it was my job to choose. 

Some of my favorite names were Abigail, Emma, and Emily. I really like girl names that have a vowel at the beginning. I think it fits better with our last name. Even though we have a common last name, its harder to pick something that fits nicely with it than you'd think. 

As a teacher, I don't want babygirl growing up in a class full of kiddos who have the same name as her. This year is the FIRST year in 5 years that I havent had atleast one duplicate name. In one class alone I had 2 Breannas, 2 Jaylins, 2 Kaitlins, a Cara & a Sarah, and a CJ, TJ, and a DJ. Right now, it seems to be Hannah, Peyton, Isabelle and Zoe. So I checked the internet, and of course, Abigail, Emma, and Emily are on the top 10 list of baby names this year. LAME!

My mom & sister suggested tons of names, all of which I hated... which was only fair, since no one seems to be a huge fan of the name I've picked... It doesnt matter, since it's my pick ;)

And my pick? Amelia Marie A__________

Something DIFFERENT, but NOT something crazy. I've had so many parents who go crazy with names, trying to come up with names for their kiddos, and the poor kiddo suffers (ex: I've had a D'zyare, ie Desire, an Asma, you know, like the breathing disorder, and a Caughlin, ie Colin, just to name a few of the crazy names). I havent had any Amelias, or even known another teacher to have one. It is on the top 100 list of girls names, so its not beyond recognition. Hopefully, too many people dont decide to all of a sudden start liking it.

The poor hubs had an awful time trying to pronounce Amelia at first, but now he's got the hang of it. 

Now lets see if I don't change my mind when she gets here. My parents had a few names picked out for me. Like with Amelia if she were a boy, they were dead set on me being Joseph Edward III if I ended up having boy parts, but for girls they hadn't picked a definite name. Erin wasn't even on the list of possibilities, although my dad insisted I have a short, easy name, so that I wouldn't have any problems spelling it (thanks for the confidence in me pops!). When I came out with bright red hair & freckles (both of which I get from my Italian momma), they decided on Erin... even though we're not the slightest bit Irish (a tiny bit Scottish on my mom's side). 

Joke was on them though, since a few months after I was born, my red hair all fell out, and grew back blonde, like my Czechoslovakian dad. It is still got a touch of red, and I still have the freckles.

Now this is what I call scary!!

Now that I'm in my 37th week of pregnancy, its becoming all too real that this little girl is coming out SOON... and I'm petrified that she's going to come out like this:

Meet Jayden in is all his 13 pound, 14 oz glory
Full story here

This absolutely precious "little man" belongs to one of my friends. She gave birth at week 38 to this 9lb, 15oz chunker. Adorable, but what a big boy!!

Maybe it's just a boy thing ;) Ha! I can hope, right?!

As of my 35 week appointment, I was measuring in at 34 weeks, so I'm hoping that means our little one will be an average size baby, which according to the article is between 5 lbs, 8 oz and 8 lbs, 13 oz. I weighed in just under 8 lbs, and the hubs keeps trying to convince me he was almost 10 lbs (but secretly I think he's just trying to psych me out... too bad I dont get along with my MIL to find out for sure)

For my mommies, how big were your kiddos? and for everyone else, how big were you?