Saturday, March 24, 2012

But I don't want to live in a nest!!

I have been "nesting" like crazy today. The combination of babygirl being here any day, and the impending visit from my parents has had me hardcore cleaning all day. I'm hoping to get the house in tip-top shape this weekend, that way I won't really have to do much besides loading the dishwasher, maybe a load or two of laundry (having packed closets helps me go weeks between loads ;) he he) and sweeping up any dirt the critters track in.

I also want to get my hospital bag packed this weekend. Any suggestions on what I need?

Thankfully my darling husband is home & has been a big help (only bc he's fighting the DMV on getting the plate for the boat trailer, or he'd probably be fishing!) around the house. My mom wanted me to make a list of things around the house that my dad & the hubs can do since my dad seriously cannot sit still. The hubs has crossed three things off of it today! Darn him! He wants my dad to come play in the woods with him instead. Lol. We used our tax return to start clearing the 10 acres we purchased. Eventually, we'd like to build a house, but the short term goal is to get it fenced in for the horses so that we can save $150/month on board fees.

He finally hung my super cute picture frame I finished months ago, and finally got around to having the hubs hang. All I did was knock out the glass (I lie... I had my husband shoot out the glass bc I was too lazy, and he needed a target, so it's a win-win) and repainted them. Then I antiqued them & I stapled chicken wire to the back. Clipped up some pictures with mini clothes pins from hobby lobby and voila!

I'm off to "nest" some more, aka put away all the stuff my little one has already been spoiled with so that I can make room for all the stuff my parents will bringing down for babygirl from my family back in NY. Someday I'll actually get around to finishing her dresser & getting some artwork up on the walls. I figure she won't even sleep in there for the first few months anyways, so there really is no rush, right?! ;)


  1. I don't know if this is your sort of thing, but whenever the day comes that I have to pack a hospital bag, I will be putting a fantastic bottle of champagne in it!

  2. Haha, I like Julie's idea but mine would be a bottle of wine. I can't believe you're almost ready to have your baby, time sure does fly.

    My nephew is 5 months old and my SIL has never put him to bed in his room so yeah I'd say the nursery can wait, haha.