Sunday, March 11, 2012

Names, Names, Names

Thank you self-timer for my free maternity pictures. I am a cheapo and refuse to pay someone to take pictures I can take myself. lol

That's me, two weeks ago at 34 weeks... now that it's less than a month until babygirl is expected to be due, I am going to reveal the name that I picked. 

Before we found out what we were having, the husband and I made a deal that I would choose the name if it was a girl, and him if it was a boy. He had his fingers and toes crossed that it would be a little boy, and he was definitely disappointed that she is missing her boy parts, but he has since come to terms with the fact that she will be just as much a boy, aside from the fact that she will need to squat when she pees. Growing up, my sister and I were daddy's little redneck girls, and I'm sure, babygirl will be just as redneck as I was growing up. The hubs has already found a pink 22 rifle, a pink bow and arrow, and pink fishing poles. He's totally accepted the concept of daughter now :)

If babygirl had decided to grow some boy parts, she would be named Charles Joseph. Charles after my hubs grandfather, who he absolutely idolizes, and Joseph is my fathers name, my grandfathers name, and is the hubs middle name. Now, I wasn't feeling calling the baby Charles, as it's such a formal name, but I was okay with having a little Charlie, or CJ running around. I actually really like the name Charlie...

Choosing a name was easy for him, since there were no other names that he would even consider for a boy, but for me, I hadn't even really thought about girl names until it was my job to choose. 

Some of my favorite names were Abigail, Emma, and Emily. I really like girl names that have a vowel at the beginning. I think it fits better with our last name. Even though we have a common last name, its harder to pick something that fits nicely with it than you'd think. 

As a teacher, I don't want babygirl growing up in a class full of kiddos who have the same name as her. This year is the FIRST year in 5 years that I havent had atleast one duplicate name. In one class alone I had 2 Breannas, 2 Jaylins, 2 Kaitlins, a Cara & a Sarah, and a CJ, TJ, and a DJ. Right now, it seems to be Hannah, Peyton, Isabelle and Zoe. So I checked the internet, and of course, Abigail, Emma, and Emily are on the top 10 list of baby names this year. LAME!

My mom & sister suggested tons of names, all of which I hated... which was only fair, since no one seems to be a huge fan of the name I've picked... It doesnt matter, since it's my pick ;)

And my pick? Amelia Marie A__________

Something DIFFERENT, but NOT something crazy. I've had so many parents who go crazy with names, trying to come up with names for their kiddos, and the poor kiddo suffers (ex: I've had a D'zyare, ie Desire, an Asma, you know, like the breathing disorder, and a Caughlin, ie Colin, just to name a few of the crazy names). I havent had any Amelias, or even known another teacher to have one. It is on the top 100 list of girls names, so its not beyond recognition. Hopefully, too many people dont decide to all of a sudden start liking it.

The poor hubs had an awful time trying to pronounce Amelia at first, but now he's got the hang of it. 

Now lets see if I don't change my mind when she gets here. My parents had a few names picked out for me. Like with Amelia if she were a boy, they were dead set on me being Joseph Edward III if I ended up having boy parts, but for girls they hadn't picked a definite name. Erin wasn't even on the list of possibilities, although my dad insisted I have a short, easy name, so that I wouldn't have any problems spelling it (thanks for the confidence in me pops!). When I came out with bright red hair & freckles (both of which I get from my Italian momma), they decided on Erin... even though we're not the slightest bit Irish (a tiny bit Scottish on my mom's side). 

Joke was on them though, since a few months after I was born, my red hair all fell out, and grew back blonde, like my Czechoslovakian dad. It is still got a touch of red, and I still have the freckles.


  1. Beautiful name! I have a friend named Amelia and we all called her Amie. I always thought it was so cute! So exciting that you'll get to meet your little Amelia soon!

  2. I Have one student, and it's the first time in SEVEN years of teaching I've ever had an "Amelia" so it may be on a top list of names, but it really isn't all that common. I'm kind of surprised your husband struggled with the name? Didn't we all learn about amelia earhart in school? hmmmmmm....
    I think it's a great name---good pick! :)

  3. I love the name!!!! It's not very common at all and very beautiful.

  4. That's a really adorable name. Definitely one I haven't heard since elementary school :)

  5. Such a beautiful name! That was one of my favorites too ;)