Friday, June 22, 2012

I love my sister

My mom & sister came on Thursday to visit since my sister hasn't gotten a chance to meet her niece yet. On Sunday were heading back to NY! Yay! I cannot wait for homemade ice cream & real pizza! My mom brought bagels down for me too! You seriously can not get a good bagel here!

Yesterday we went to get a kiddie pool from walmart, and it wasn't until we checked out that we realized we drove a car. Fail! So my sister & I strapped it up tight & off we went... For about half a mile before it blew off. Fail again! All the bungees were still there perfectly though. Lol.

My brilliant and hysterical sister proceeds to fold the pool in half and shove it in the front seat with us since the baby & my mom were in the backseat.

And this is how you get a pool home if you don't have a truck... :)

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  1. Bahaha! I had to do this once & it may appear to be funny but it's not at all comfortable.