Saturday, September 29, 2012

Oh boy

Critter face turns 6 months old on Monday & she's already figured out how to "crawl." She can't get up on her knees, but she can army crawl like its her job... Which is super exciting, but now she's into EVERYTHING!

Friday, September 21, 2012

A laugh at my expense

I was taking a shower when I noticed the hubs had dropped what was left of a bar of soap by the drain. I went to pick it up & noticed a little hair on it, so I grabbed my cool little hair catcher & stuck it down the drain. When I pulled it up I saw a GIANT bug and about cracked my head open jumping away from the massive creature while I screamed like a maniac... Only to realize it was plastic! Probably left behind by one of the kids who lived here before us.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

When it rains, it pours...

If any of y'all are still out there, you may be wondering where I disappeared to, or maybe not, since I seem to be doing that a lot ever since the critter came into the picture.

Well, August was a horrible month for me. Horrible.

First, the hubs and I got into a huge fight right before he went into the field. It was over something which seems so stupid now. Then, he came back from the field with big news. BIG NEWS.

For those of you that are affiliated with the Army, you may have heard Ft Bragg being called "the Black Hole," referring to the fact that once you get to Bragg, you rarely ever leave. Its super hard to get orders anywhere else. Being that my husband is Field Artillery, as well as Airborne, their are very few duty stations for us to go to other than Bragg. We've talked to so many people that come here from AIT and never leave.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that we have acquired quite a little set up here at Bragg. We purchased a home, went from 2 dogs, to 4, purchased 10 acres of property, and got 2 horses. All the while, thinking we would spend the remainder of his military career here. One of his good friends was told he would only be here 6 months, and he's been here 8 years.

Unfortunately, we were some of the very few who gets to escape from Ft Bragg, however, we didnt want to go AT ALL. Not with everything we have here. So where are we headed to you ask?

Ft Richardson, Alaska... $^*()*&%$##%^^&%^$#!!!!


My husband is from Michigan, and I am from New York. We both LOVE living in the South, and have no desire to live anywhere North of the Mason Dixon line ever again. Sadly, we have no choice.

Over the past few weeks however, the idea of going to Alaska has slowly grown on us. My husband has been seriously hating his job lately. And so have I. I am LOVING my class this year. My kiddos are so much better behaved than the ones I had last year. They actually do their work. They try hard. They're super! However, I have this mom who scares the bejesus out of me, and I have a feeling she's going to be running to administration/the school board over every little thing. But, with our impending PCS, I wont be finishing this school year.

What has not grown on us, is the idea that we have to give up practically EVERYTHING we have here. Two weeks ago we rehomed our horses. I sobbed like a little baby. Its still hard for me knowing I wont be seeing them every day. There was just no way possible for us to take them to Alaska. Its going to take us at least a week to make that drive. We would have had to find stops that could accommodate not only us, and four dogs, but that had pastures we could rent for a night for them. We also do not own our own horse trailer, so we would have to purchase one, or pay to have them shipped there.

Right now we have almost $15,000 invest into our 10 acres. Not only is it almost paid off, but we've invested thousands into getting it cleared, fenced, and having a temporary barn set up. With all that, we dont have the funds to purchase a horse trailer, or have them shipped. And sadly, we can find anyone who is willing to offer us anywhere near what its worth.

This will be my last picture of my beautiful girls :(
Just writing this makes me want to start sobbing. I miss them terribly.

We were also looking for places in Alaska where we could take the horses, but sadly, there was nothing under $3,000/month. So if we could afford to get them there, we couldnt afford to house them once we arrived. Thankfully, we found a nice man who is knowledgeable about horses, and who will hopefully be giving them all the love and attention they deserve.

To add to frustration, before we found out about the PCS, my husband decided to trade in his Toyota Tundra for a Dodge Ram, and stupid Cary Auto Mall has NOT bothered to pay off his Tundra yet, so now we have delinquent charges on our credit bc we cant make TWO truck payments every month (we're talking $1300).

IF we can even find someone to buy our house (which is highly unlikely since there are 4-5 houses on our street for sale) we wont have good enough credit to buy a home in Alaska. We can't live on post, because we have 4 dogs (the limit is 2) and we can't have pitbulls on post, so we are forced to look for a rental. Finding a rental that will allow 4 dogs, 2 of which are pits, is going to be near impossible... and sadly, we will probably have to let our pits live with my mom & dad for a while until we get our housing situation figured out. I absolutely REFUSE to rehome my dogs. Horses are one thing. Horses are meant to be bought and sold. People rarely have horses from yearling until they're seniors. Dogs are meant to be forever friends. At least with them living with my mom, I will be getting them back as soon as we possibly can.

So August has brought us:
*Going back to work all day without my baby
*A huge fight
*News of a PCS over 3,000 miles
*Micromanaging parents
*Saying goodbye to our horses
*Bad credit
*Not being able to sell our house or our land

Oh, and to make it that much better... The critterface has started teething. That little, white demon needs to break through soon for both our sanity.

September hasn't gotten any better... here's to hoping something starts going our way soon.

At least I have this adorable face to brighten my day :)