Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oh Alaska

I cannot wait to leave Ft Bragg! We have about 6 more months before we leave Bragg behind. I'm a little sad since this is where we met, married, purchased our first home, had our critterface... I love the south. I feel like my husband & I were meant to be born below the Mason Dixon line... But it's been 6 years, and I'm excited for a change of pace! My husband is in the 82nd airborne, and they think their poo doesn't stink, so he works a lot harder than some of the other guys who do the same job as him. He's ready for a slower paced unit.

But I'm ready to move on to bigger & better things. I'm ready to teach in a state that actually pays well (NC is like 46 or 47th out of 50 in regards to pay)

I'm ready to hopefully buy a new house. Right now I've actually been in contact with Lindsay, from Married to the Army: Alaska. I posted that I was looking for a realtor, and she responded. I think I'm actually going to go with someone else though, because I watched the first episode, and she seems to be kind of a snot. Granted, Traci is a space cadet, but I don't think it's Lindsay's place to tell her who to be.

I'm ready for new adventures & new scenery. We're going to one of the most beautiful places on earth, and I feel truly blessed to have my husband come down on these orders.

Bring it on Alaska. We're so ready for you!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Super easy baked fish

-In a baking pan lay fish(I used tilapia)
-Sprinkle about a 1/2" of pepperage farms herb stuffing.
-Cut 1/3 stick of butter into small slices and spread out over the stuffing
-Bake 15-20 minutes until fish is flaky

That's it :)

Why I'm not voting today

All week people have been preaching about it being our civic duty to vote. While I get that, it's still not going to change my opinion about THIS election. I will not be voting today.

I've voted in the past two presidential elections. I'm not saying I'm against voting. I'm just against signing my name for something I don't back just because its my "duty," and I personally don't think either of these men are right for our country.

I'm registered as a democrat, because at 18, I really didn't have an opinion, so I affiliated myself with the party which represents the state I'm from. Since I've gotten older, I've leaned more towards the republican side, but I don't agree 100% with either party. I've voted for both republican & democratic presidential candidates.

As a spouse of a soldier, I don't support Obamas stance on the military. I also dont agree with his heathcare ideas, among other things. As someone who is somewhat middle class, I definitely don't support Romney. And therefore, on this Election Day, I will vote for neither.