Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why I'm not voting today

All week people have been preaching about it being our civic duty to vote. While I get that, it's still not going to change my opinion about THIS election. I will not be voting today.

I've voted in the past two presidential elections. I'm not saying I'm against voting. I'm just against signing my name for something I don't back just because its my "duty," and I personally don't think either of these men are right for our country.

I'm registered as a democrat, because at 18, I really didn't have an opinion, so I affiliated myself with the party which represents the state I'm from. Since I've gotten older, I've leaned more towards the republican side, but I don't agree 100% with either party. I've voted for both republican & democratic presidential candidates.

As a spouse of a soldier, I don't support Obamas stance on the military. I also dont agree with his heathcare ideas, among other things. As someone who is somewhat middle class, I definitely don't support Romney. And therefore, on this Election Day, I will vote for neither.


  1. There is always the option to write in your candidate, or skip the presidential part all together. You don't have to vote on every part of the ballot. It's a bummer you had to miss out today. In addition to voting for president my ballot had a lot of local county and state issues that I voted on that are important as well.

    Hopefully next time you'll get to vote. I really hope you do.

  2. I also didn't vote. As a military spouse I am registered in a state that I don't currently live and I didn't request my absentee ballot in time, but I'm not heartbroken. I wouldn't have voted for Romney or Obama, I would have voted independent. People always say "well then you don't get to complain about policies if you don't vote." I don't complain :) so no one has to worry about that, ha!