Sunday, February 3, 2013

My attempts at meal planning

I've been trying to get into meal planning since we will be down to one income in 3 months. Plus, Alaska is supposedly super expensive for groceries, so no more random crap into the cart. It's working out pretty well so far! I stalk Pinterest all week, then on Sundays I pick what I want for the week. Now I'm only spending about $250/ for the three of us for the month, including household things! I couldn't ever remember to bring an actual paper, so I set up something on my phone since I always have it. This is how I set up the notepad on my phone for what I need...

Clean or dirty?!

When my husband actually does dishes, he always asks me whether the current dishwasher load is clean or dirty. I normal tell him to look, which resulted in me yelling at him for rewashing dishes bc he was too lazy to check.

His response was: we need a sign to tell me if they're clean or dirty.

I've been needing an excuse to use my silhouette he got me for Christmas, so I did just that!

I printed the images opposite so all I had to do was fold the paper in half. I found it easier to use the negative space rather than glue all those letters down. I have vinyl, but I didn't want to waste it since its more pricey than a sheet of card stock. I used a leftover piece of blue spatula scrap paper for the inside & glued it shut. I had i tried gluing magnets into the center, but I found that my dishwasher isn't too magnetic. Grr! Stuck some contact paper on it (since my lamination pouches are at school) and added ribbon instead.

I also figured out a little trick to save myself from having to buy images! Shhh, don't tell them I told y'all this... On the box it told me that it works with the fonts installed on your computer. Instead of paying $0.99 for the cute little wine glass image, I downloaded a free kitchen "font," and TA DA! Lots of little kitchen images without spending a dime :)

Pesto Ranch Chicken

1 packet of hidden valley ranch mix
4-5 chicken breast
6oz of pesto
2 cups of stock (recipe called for chicken but I used vegetable)

Toss everything in the crockpot & cook on low. So easy & super delish!
I shredded it & served it over ronzonies garden delight fettuccine

I got this recipe on Pinterest, but I can't link y'all because it got reported as spam :/