Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I've been gone for far too long

Taking a hiatus from blogging for almost a year, and then attempting a come-back is almost like culture shock. Things on blogger have changed. When I disappeared, everyone was in a tisy because blogger was going to do away with followers. I'm glad to see that the little follower box is still there, even though I don't think I have more than a few people who actually still follow we. Now, google reader is going away? I think that's what I've read. A few people recommended getting the bloglovin app, so I downloaded it. Where was this app a year ago?! I think I might have actually stuck around the blogging community if I could have read all my favorite blogs from my phone.

Critterbug was born in April, and I was a teacher for years, so that gave me from April to August home with her. I should have been able to fit the blogging in, but I was so tired, and hauling out my computer seemed like such a hassle. I blogged a few times from my phone, but most of them ended up in my drafts folder, never getting published. She was super dependent when she was itty bitty, and I couldn't put her down without her screaming. She would only take one long tap in her swing a day, so I spent that time running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Showering, cleaning, getting dinner prepped, and doing laundry. She refused to sleep in her own bed, and I couldnt do the whole let her cry it out thing, because she never stopped crying (she still spends part of the night in our bed. I'm such a pushover when it comes to making her happy)

As she got older, and I went back to work, I felt like I was neglecting her enough being gone all day, there was no way I was loosing any more time with my precious little baby. Thankfully, I didnt miss any of her firsts! She saved those all for home.

Now that I'm not working, and she's independent, I can usually sit down and blog without having to worry about her needing my attention. Right now she's making a mess out of my husbands video games, and is perfectly content.

I'm trying to read all these blogs that I've loved, but I feel like I've missed so much of their lives. Ladies who were newly weds now have kiddos, and the first time mamas are having a second. Milsos have PCS'd to new locations. I've got so much to catch up on. Thankfully, I've got all the time in the world now! Hopefully, y'all will be seeing some comments from me soon. I'm reading as much as I can between snuggles and cleaning up after my little tornado. I'm trying my best not to give up on all of you again!


  1. Glad your back and I'm definitely enjoying reading you adventures in Alaska so far!