Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Solstice

On Friday, I posted about wanting to make it to the summer solstice party. When we went through our incoming brief in May, the commander told us Alaska has 4 seasons like everyone else, but here they consist of June, July, August, & Winter. lol. Summer is everyones chance to get out and enjoy this beautiful state, so I don't want to miss any of this summer fun before we start seeing snow again.

That night the hubs came home and informed me that instead of having the 3-day weekend that he thought, he had to go in for part-day training. Oh, Army. How you tease us. Ha! The hubs was super ticked off, because at Bragg, he was the best Gunner in his battalion, so he thinks he's too good to go in for "extra help," but he sucked it up and went anyway.

That meant no summer solstice for us... so I sucked it up and took critterbug by myself. I was a little lonely not having anyone who can hold a conversation, but we still had fun none-the-less. It was quite a few blocks long with tons of local Alaskan vendors, a skate park, a kids area, food, and live music. One of the coolest parts was the Hero Games. They had teams of local firefighters, EMTs, and soldiers battling it out in silly games like racing scooters and tug-o-war. It was cool to see this one group of super fit soldiers who thought they were tough get their butts kicked by a bunch of overweight firefighters. lol. Don't count your chickens before they're hatched, I suppose.

The super cute books I found for critterbug. They were written by a local author, who signed each copy for us. They came in a bundle for $25. Amelia loves the animal sound one, which has actual alaskan animal sounds, but my favorite is the Denali bus ride. It folds out into this 3' long book, which I thought was so unique!

The best kept pony ride animals I've ever seen. So well groomed and perfectly trimmed hoofs. Its refreshing to see people take such good care of their ponies. They're so often neglected.

So many people!

This was the team that thought they were going to beat the firefighters. I love the dude with his boxers hanging out of the bottom of his ranger panties. Each team had to have one girl, and it looks like he traded shorts with her. lol

Horrible picture of me and critterbug. It was super sunny.

They built a sand pit right in the middle of the street. I thought this was AWESOME! A great place to take a break with the kiddos, and it was free. They also had built a shallow pool in the middle of the road for kayak races

Enjoying some "fried bread" with confectionary sugar
We've always called it fried dough. Anyone else call it fried bread?

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  1. Bummer that your hubs had to go in, but it looks like you and Critterbug had fun!