Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The hardest part about being a first time mama

In my honest opinion, the hardest part of being a first time mama isn't the sleepless nights, endless loads of laundry, or the crying. Its learning NOT to compare yourself to other mamas. Humans are competitive by nature, and this is an instance where "a little healthy competition" does more harm than good.

Yesterday, I was perusing through a bunch of my favorite blogs that I have neglected for oh so long, and I came across a fellow blogger who has a kiddo about the same age as my critter, who can say twice as many words as Amelia. I honestly started to wonder if there was something wrong with her. Why could this little kiddo say so many more words? I pouted through quite a few more blogs, silently milling it over.

Once my critterbug woke from her nap, I was watching her happily play on the floor, and I remembered just how smart she is. She may not know how to say a lot of things yet, but she's an amazing visual learner. She'll watch me or my husband do something, and will instantly be able to mimic what we just did. It only took her a few times of watching me fill her bottle at the sink before she would take her bottle and chuck it at the counter when she wanted it refilled. She even hit all of her mobility milestones before she was supposed to. She may not say a lot of words, but she understands so much that we tell her, and she can follow lots of instructions.

I couldn't believe as someone who was a teacher for 6 years, that I would be comparing kids like this. I've spent years preaching to individualized education that plays to the strengths of each student. I KNOW that each child is different, and develops on their own time, but I still wanted my kiddo to be the best of the best at EVERYTHING. She is way too young for me to have such unhealthy expectations for her.

It's okay to be jealous of others at times, but my advice to other first time mamas out there is this: don't dwell on what your child can't quite do yet, celebrate their accomplishments. Every child is different, and it will all fall into place when your child is ready. Every accomplishment is magical when it's your baby learning it.

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  1. A- Men!!! I feel like the competition aspect is even greater with the proliferation of social media. It is so hard sometimes to remember that each kid is different and will do great things in his/her own time!