Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wanderlust... sort of...

Google defines wanderlust as a strong desire to travel. While I love to travel, my wanderlust feeling doesn't pertain to that. I have career wanderlust. I've got it bad!

They say that most teachers leave education within the first 5 years. I made it 2 months shy of the 6 year mark, so I broke the statistic... but only slightly. I've been thinking a lot about looking for a teaching job up here, and I just can't bring myself to do it. Teaching, and raising a little one was hard, too hard for me. I felt like either my students were suffering b/c I wasn't giving my all to them, or my own child was suffering because I wasn't giving her the attention she deserved. I was loosing precious time with her to faculty meetings about nothing, and putting in extra hours for events, only to be unrecognized for all I was doing. While I love teaching, I've had this overwhelming feeling that I NEED to try something else. I've worked since I was sixteen, and bounced around from job to job, always getting hired on the spot. I've loved all of my jobs (aside from selling cutco knives. What was I thinking?!) and I loved being exposed to new people and situations.

So that brings me to the question of what I'd like to do. The million dollar question. I have no answer for that, yet. I'd absolutely LOVE to go to Vet school, but that requires 8 years of education. I've been out of school too long, so all of my undergrad course work is "no good," and I'd essentially have to start over. Am I too old to be getting a vet degree now? Maybe. The thing I love about teaching, is the interactions with people. If I had to do a job where I didn't get to talk to people, I'd die. So, I began thinking I might like a job in health care. Before being a mom, I was so grossed out by blood, barf, and poop, but now it doesn't even phase me. Health care seams to provide a pretty stable job market. People will always get sick right? My sister is an X-Ray tech, and she makes decent money, and likes her job (aside from some of the people, but thats every job!)

I think I'm going to start small, and get my certificate in Medical Assistant, and if I really like it, I can add on to it, and maybe someday get a nursing degree. If I hate it, there is always time for me to find something else to do!

My husband is eligible to sign over his GI Bill to me in August, and I think I might take him up on the offer. He doesn't want to use it, and our little one is too little to be able to reap the benefits unless she turns out to be some sort of child genius, and is ready for school at 11 and a half. ha. He'll only have to extend for one more year.

While I appreciate the Army for even offering this option, I worry about how I'll pay for daycare for the my critter (I could do some course work online, I'm sure, but I think this is a more hands on field) and how will I pay for text books? I was fortunate enough to get a book scholarship my freshman year because of my grades in high school for $500 and I still had to shell out almost $300 more dollars before I had what I needed. I'm not sure if we could swing $800 for books. That was only ONE semester. I had to shell it out again in the spring!

Then I learned about Campus Book Rentals and it made going back to school that much easier. You can save up to 80% on books (80% of $800 is $640. That's almost a whole payment on my husbands truck!!), and you just return them when you're done. My sister has bins and bins of medical textbooks she got stuck with because they either wouldn't give her anything for them, or they became outdated. I returned (or burned. ha!) most of mine, but I still have bunch of outdated teaching books taking up a bin in the garage. No need to worry about that with Campus Book Rentals. Just send them back when you're finished. You can also highlight and write in the books, as long as you're respectful about it.

They have super easy search options, toll free customer service, and free shipping both ways. These are all great things to look for in a company, but I think the best thing about this particular one is their willingness to give back. Its refreshing to see a company that does something great with a portion of their profits. Campus book rentals partners with Operation Smile to help provide surgeries for families that would otherwise not be able to afford this kind of treatment. How awesome is that?! Not only are they helping families with children in need these surgeries, they offer tons of book scholarships to people right here in our own communities who just can swing the money for textbooks.

If you're in college, I suggest you swing on over to Campus Book Rentals, and see what they can save you!

**I received a small compensation for this post, but all opinions are my own.


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  2. I'm not sure if I have career wanderlust or just perma-confusion, but good for you for going out and trying something new!!

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