Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy dance for Friday

1. Friday doesn't excite me as much as it did when I was working... but today the hubs will finally be back from playing soldier in the woods for the past two weeks, so I'm pretty stoked. The critter has been running around yelling DaDa for the past few days, so I know she's been missing him.

2. I've almost got my house together! We got here at the end of April, so it really shouldnt have taken me this long, but I feel like I spend my day cleaning up the living room 182735983 times, and never get much past that. I really feel like chucking all of the critter's toys most days. Who's with me?!

3. Speaking of the critter, I have no pictures to post with this blog because someone, who will remain nameless, decided to pull my camera card out of my computer while I was fixing her mac'n'cheese and CHEW IT UP!! I know she's getting a few more teeth, but chewing up my camera card? Really? When did she become a dog? Ugh!!

4. My MIL will be here in two weeks, and I'm starting to get really grouchy about it. I am so envious of people who have great relationships with their inlaws. If you'd like to take a gander at what I'm working with, check out THIS letter she sent me after her first visit to our house in NC. She spent the whole time bossing me around about this stupid, ugly, china cabinet she brought for the hubs without even asking if we wanted it, and how it needed to be in the house. Our kitchen in NC was SMALL! There was no place for it could go, aside from where our dog crate was, so she suggested I put our dogs in the garage to make room for this cabinet. Our garage is insulated, and runs around 110 degrees in the summer... but anything to accommodate her stupid cabinet right? She kept telling me, "we'll wait til [the hubs] and see what he says," like he was going to side with her. He has such a horrible relationship with her, I don't know how she'd ever think he'd take her side in an argument. She sent him off to be raised by his grandparents/uncle because she was too busy bouncing from man to man to be bothered to raise her son. For the record, the cabinet never came in the house in NC, and even here, where we have way more room, he still put it in the garage.

5. On a brighter note, my parents will be here at week after she leaves, and I'm super stoked!! My dad has been obsessed with Alaska for years before we even found out we were coming here, and he knows all about it. We're going to pan for gold, and rent an RV to go on adventures!! I promise to take lots of pictures, and not let the critter chew them up this time. The only poo-poo part is that the hubs has to go back to the wilderness to play soldier again the entire time they are here. He's so bummed about missing the gold panning lessons, and all the other fun we are going to have. He adores my dad since they both love to do all those outdoorsy, manly things like hunting and fixing trucks.

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  1. Crazzzyy about your MIL. I went back and read the letter. Interesting stuff. Hang in there girl. Hopefully time flies by during her visit. And yay for your hubby being out the field!

  2. Glad your husband is home. Mine works crazy hours but he doesn't have to leave often. My little always wants to talk to him on the phone.
    I hope you have fun adventures with your dad. I don't know if I will ever make it to Alaska, but it is a place I am also fascinated with.