Friday, August 16, 2013

Is it already Friday again?

ONE: I made some super yummy peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies yesterday. They have no flour, oil, eggs, or white sugar. Somewhat healthy cookies?! Sign me up!! I was super skeptical of these, but I can assure you that they taste way better than they sound. I'm going to post pictures and a recipe some time in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled.

TWO: Today is national airborne day! The first ever paratrooper was shoved out of a plane on this day in 1940. My husband has been a paratrooper since 2010 and has over 30 airborne jumps. His favorites are the ones where they drop his howitzer (he's artillery, so this is like a present day canon) out of the plane with them, and when it lands, they shoot it right there on the drop zone. Here is a picture of them dropping hundreds of soldiers during his last jump at Bragg.

Its cool to note that the jump training my husband did at Ft Benning, GA is the SAME training that my grandfather did when he went through years and years before! They enjoyed swapping jump stories when my gramps stopped on the way from FL to NY before we left NC.

THREE: My mom just shared the fooducate app with me, and I spent a good bit of time in my pantry scanning barcodes. I'm going to do a full post on this app sometime coming up, but the basic gist of the app is that it gives the food you're eating a letter grade. Some of them surprised me, and thats what I'm going to post about when I get some free time.

FOUR: Big Brother anyone? I wouldnt call myself a superfan, but I've seen most of the seasons. One of the good things about living on the west coast is that I can watch BB after dark right after the episodes air, and I dont have to wait until 1am, which was exciting for me in the beginning. When the season first aired I was rooting for Aryn, mostly because we share a first name, but after the whole ordeal with the racism, I couldnt decide who to back. This season has been super boring as far as game play, and I've lost interest pretty fast. Its no fun when you know who's going home each week. Sorry CBS, but this summer has been a fail!

FIVE: I finally got my husband to get our broken washer out of the house (although sitting on the porch isnt much better) and I'm so relieved to finally have my laundry room back. I have some pinterest crafts I've been wanting to do in there, and I can finally get started.

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  1. Looking forward to your pb cookie recipe. I have a flourless recipe that I love, but I am always open to new options.