Monday, August 5, 2013

ISO: Church Family

Yesterday I had every intention of taking my butt to church. I had gotten a few post cards in the mail from churches welcoming us to the area, and inviting us to check them out. I ended up waking up super late & was pretty bummed. Turns out, one of the churches had a 1pm service. I did a quick google search on it, to see if it was something I'd be interested in, and packed up the diaper bag.

I grew up going to a Catholic church. I was baptized, communed, attended church school, and was confirmed in that church. We live in a small town, so it wasn't a very big congregation at all. When I moved to NC, I was invited to church with a friend, and I was in complete culture shock. While it boasted being non-denominational, it screamed Southern Baptist. Don't get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with being a Baptist. But if you are a baptist, and you visited a traditional Catholic church, you'd be thinking the same thing. It was so different! While I loved the message of the service, it was a little more than I could handle. While I didnt lose my faith, I didnt find a place to fit in while we were there.

The church I visited yesterday is very new-age, light years from my comfort zone, but I really enjoyed it. They had a guest pastor from one of their other locations, and he was hysterical and offered a great message about not holding on to disappointments. The music was AMAZING! So far from the traditional music of our Catholic church. However, it is a very large church with multiple locations (and they even podcast so that their military members, and oil workers can tune in) and I was hoping for something a little more personal, but I had such a good time, that I think I'll give it a few more times before I make my final decision on it. Maybe I'll even attend one of their events.

I even got this great little welcome gift. Its full of six stories of church members who were in a hard spot, and found God again. I've only just started reading it, but I'm interested to get further into the stories.

That little number on the top is for their child care. They flash it on this little screen if they need you. Kind of made me feel like I was in line for the deli. Ha!

The first time I've gotten out of yoga pants all week! Ha! Can you tell my husband has been away for training?

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  1. After My Southern Baptist Husband Attended A Catholic Wedding Mass With Me, he Requested A 'How to' For Next Time. Even the 'our Father' is different!

  2. I'm glad you liked it even though it was totally different than what you are used to! I had the same experience when my husband took me to our old church for the first time. I was coming from a very traditional southern United Methodist to a modern Pentecostal Church of God... oh my it was different but I loved it. We have yet to really look for a church here but I need to because I want the kids to be involved in church. I'm thinking after preschool starts we might try the Presbyterian church where Wil will be attending preschool since it will be a familiar place for him.