Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Who needs a man

The other day I posted HERE about how my washing machine died on me as soon as the husband walked out of the door for a two weeks of playing Army in the wilderness. Some luck, right?

Anyways, I thought I could prove my abilities to survive just fine on my own by getting another washing machine. I hoped on craigslist and found a super capacity washing machine that someone was selling dirt cheap because they were PCSing to a new base. I managed to get it into my SUV, (I mentioned in my previous post that I couldnt find my husbands truck keys anywhere... he has both sets. Jerk! lol) out of my SUV, into the house, and up to the first landing on our set of stairs by myself. I even managed to slide it 1/2 way up the remaining set of stairs before I finally gave up and admitted that it was just too heavy for me.

So much for showing how much I didnt need a husband right?! After staring at it on the landing for 2 days, I finally broke down and paid someone $20 to help me bring it up the rest of the way.

Now I can do laundry? Nope!

Of course it couldnt be that simple though... when we got it to the top of the stairs we realized that it was too big to fit in the door... Just my luck right? I had to break out the power tools, and take the door of the hinges.

Now I can do laundry? Nope!

The hoses that came off my washer dont fit onto the new washer, and the ones that came with the newer one leak! Ugh... so off to the hardware store I go!

Another $10, and a new hose later, I can finally do laundry again. I'll leave getting the old washing machine out of the house to my darling husband. God help me if he has to deploy again before I can make friends with tough husbands.

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  1. So glad you have a washer now. So sucks everything you had to go through! You did better than I would have I don't think I could get one 1/2 as far as you!