Friday, September 6, 2013

I survived!!

Ding dong, my MIL is gooooooooone!! Thank you sweet baby jesus!

This past week has been HOOOOORRRRIIIIIBBBBBLLLLLEEEEEE!! I posted before that we don't really get along, but I've forgotten just how much I dislike this woman. She's BEYOND rude. I could not believe how she consistently passed gas the entire time she was here, and didnt so much as acknowledge it. Hasn't she ever heard of politely excusing herself? No, no she hasn't. Which is why I had to teach my husband how to do so. No manners. And she SLURPS everything she eats. How do you slurp salad?!?!?! Again, totally explains why I had to show my husband how to twirl his spaghetti so he doesnt bother everyone in the restaurant. Of course she had the nerve to try and parent our daughter, boasting that she was the "mean grandma." Smack my child's hand again, and I will drop kick you back to Tennessee lady. Enraged doesnt come close to describing my emotions.

My darling husband got to go to work all day, leaving me to entertain her all week. Oh Joy!! Her husband passed this spring, and although I'm sympathetic of her situation, the fact that she spent the whole week talking about wanting to move here to AK since she doesnt have any reason to stay in TN anymore does NOT sit well with me. I've already told my husband that if she moves to AK, I'm moving back to NY, and I'm 100% serious when I say that. I will absolutely not be subjected to her any more than once a year.

I played as nice as I could, but by yesterday, I was ready to rip my hair out. Thankfully, as I type, the husband is wishing her a bon voyage, and I get my sanity back!!

I see y'all have been busy posting away while I was gone.  I have 959 unread blogs to catch up on. As tempting as it is to mark them all as read, I'm not a quitter. Last month I was up to 800+, and I got through all of them. I may not have read every single word y'all posted, but I caught up the best I could.

I've got a few blog posts in the works, so I'm hoping to post every day this next week, considering I haven't posted in far too long. I'm going to spend some much needed time with the hubs tomorrow celebrating my birthday a little early before he goes off to play GI Joe for a few weeks, and then I'm all yours for a little while... because my parents come on the 16th. Eeeeeeek! I'm so excited. I adore my parents, and we have such a good relationship. It is sooooo different than that of my husband and his mom (he doesnt know anything about his real dad because his mom "is a whore" as he so nicely puts it). Seeing my husband with his mom makes me so sad for people who didnt grow up in the best of situations, and it makes me treasure my parents so much more. I'm so thankful that his mom shipped him off to live with his grandparents, because he got to spend some of his youth getting the love and attention he deserves. His grandparents are amazing, and loving. I'm not sure how his mom turned into such a bad seed :(

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  1. So glad you survived & she is gone! I can't imagine having to deal with all that.

  2. Oh, girl, I sympathize. Congratulations on surviving the time you spent living in close proximity to the she-beast/MIL! I also told my husband I needed to live about 1,000 miles away from his mother, which is why she's in Illinois and we're in Colorado. :)

  3. That sounds like a stressful visit! Congrats on making it through the week and getting back your sanity!

  4. Oh wow! That sounds like it was one long week!