Saturday, September 7, 2013

It's almost fall, y'all

It seems like in the past week that I have been MIA, blogger world has gone crazy with fall/halloween posts. With labor day being over, many justify that as they pull out the adorable pumpkin decor, even though fall doesnt technically start until 3/4 of the way through the month.

When we lived in the South, I was one of the ones that wanted to hang on to summer forever. Heck, it's still warm enough for shorts and dresses into November a lot of the time. Being up here in Alaska has reminded me of what seasons are all about!! Although we only have a short spring, summer, and fall (followed by an excruciatingly long winter, or so I'm told since we have yet to experience one) it's nice to have them nonetheless. Growing up in Upstate NY, my dad would always take us on "leaf peeping tours" were we would travel the 1/2 hour into the heart of the Adirondack mountains for some of the most beautiful scenery you can lay your eyes on.

Hello gorgeous!! Here the leaves are already starting to yellow, and I can't wait to see what these beautiful mountains look like with a little extra color. I'll be sure to post pictures.

I guess with the hubs being gone, and the parents being here, I might actually be able to complete a few crafts without the critterbug getting into everything I'm working on. I'm going to share a tutorial for these cute little onsies I made with y'all this week. It required ironing, and let me tell ya, ironing with a 17 month old is impossible. I finally had to wait until the hubs came home b/c I was sure one of us was going to get 3rd degree burns.

Anywho... here is some of the fall craftiness I pinned, and haven't gotten around to making. Maybe I'll get to make some of them this season... but in actuality, I'll probably just end up pinning more fall adorableness, and making nothing. Ha!!

I actually made these last year, and they were ADORABLE, but my darling husband may or may not have ruined them during an attempt to make moonshine... Redneck wife problems!! Guess I'm going to have to remake them.

And one just for fun :)

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  1. Oh Pinterest, how I love you and how you make me feel inadequate all at the same time lol I'm hoping to finally try out some of my pins after we move. Share some pics of the projects you tackle!