Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Take a leap of faith

I wanted to jump on the Blogtember bandwagon yesterday. I went and did the personality quiz, but I also had like 18 other browser windows open (Why? because I'm neurotic like that. Ha!) and it crashed. Obviously. At that point I was too frustrated with finding the things I was trying to pin, and I just gave up on the blog post. So really quickly, I was an ENFJ, and the career choices associated with that were social services... ie, Teaching. Go figure. I've been thinking about my career outlook a lot lately, and I'm just so unsure about whether I want to keep teaching, or try something else.  I LOVE teaching, but I was having such a hard time balancing being a mom, with being a teacher... maybe when she's bigger, it'll be easier... so, I've been contemplating getting a masters in Art a lot lately. I ALMOST went to school for Art Education, but was convinced against it by my guidance counselor bc finding Art jobs in NY state is near impossible. One of my friends from high school who chose that path is currently collecting food stamps between subbing jobs. It's that bad... But by the time I got out of college with an Elem. Ed degree, it was just as hard to find a teaching job period, so that brings me to my current post.

Today's topic was: a moment when your life took a turn.

Here I was, 21, fresh out of college, and working at a gas station/ice cream shop. Going out every night, and having the time of my life. I figured once summer was over, I'd start subbing, and hope to get a permanent position somewhere down the road. Young & wild. What a combination.

Seriously? I was such a mess!!

Then my two pledge sisters decided to up and move to North Carolina, because they couldnt find teaching jobs either. And thats when I took a leap of faith. I sent out a few resumes, and within a week, I was hired OVER THE PHONE. Is this real life? Apparently it was, because within 2 weeks, I had packed up everything I owned, and took off for Harnett Country, North Carolina.

And that is probably the biggest turning point in my life. Moving to NC shaped so many relationships for me. I lost a best friend. Tara, Chrissy and I were best friends & pledge sisters. Moving with them seemed like the best decision ever. It was the first year, but the second, I lived with Tara, and that was the end of an Era. After the second time I took her to get an abortion, things just werent the same. I couldn't look at her the same. Then I got married & we were done being friends. While Chrissy & I still talk, Tara and I havent talked in 4 years :/

Me, Tara, Chrissy & Megan

I learned that my parents are even more amazing than I thought. Between the support & helping me move. I'm seriously blessed to call them mine.

I made TONS of new friends, that I will cherish for a lifetime, and of course, I met my husband. We've been together more than four years, and although we've had some ups, and downs. Way downs. To the point of breaking more than once... but we've finally found our groove. And we've got this awesome little munchkin. Life is good... All because I took a leap of faith, and moved to North Carolina 

My whole world... Does it get any better than this?! I think not.

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  1. Sometimes you just have to jump in! Then choose to sink or swim right? I think you are swimming just fine ;) Thanks for sharing!!!

    ps I'm following on instagram now not sure how I wasn't before!