Thursday, September 26, 2013

That time I spent $100 on "garbage"

I had to run to the bank yesterday, so I went to the Wells Fargo in Walmart. I wanted to get some glue for a craft project I wanted to try out. I got to get a few small ones accomplished this past week while my parents were here, and I can't wait to share them with y'all soon. I've also got a ton of pictures from our adventures to share. Right now I'm just trying to catch up on laundry, and get the house ready for the husband's return tomorrow. Poor guys been in the field for two weeks while it's been snowing here.

Anywho, on the way back from Walmart I noticed there were a lot of cars outside Salvation Army. The hubs and I stopped there once when we first got here because he didnt want to sit on the floor for 3 weeks while we waited for our furniture to get here from NC, but they didnt have any couches at the time, so it was just an in and out trip. This time I actually got to scout around, and I found some great little goodies for $42 bucks. Since I got such great items at the Salvation Army, I scooted down to my favorite second-hand store, Value Village. This is seriously the cleanest thrift store everrrrr!! Everything is organized, and its the size of a smaller supermarket (think piggly-wiggly). All the money they earn goes to big brothers/big sisters.

I ended up finding a TON of great fall decorations in there, and a few other pieces too, spending another $61. So, for a grand total of $103, I ended up with a trunk load of amazingness. I have a list a mile long of crafty projects that I want to do already, so I really didnt NEED any of this, but who can pass up cheap decor?! Now I think I have enough "knick-knacks" to finish decorating this house, and I'm just on the hunt for a few larger furniture pieces.

Check out all my great "crap" that people got rid of!!

My haul!! Look at all that crafty goodness!

Fall lovelies

Some fun glass pieces and galvanized pails... each piece less than $3

Picture frames galore

Critterbug loves sticking her finger in the eyes of this pumpkin

I got a whole box with a dozen of these candle jars for $5.50. I dont really need 12 of them, but for less than fifty cents a piece, I'm sure I can use them for something.

My favorite score was this dresser wanna-be. It's actually a chest that gives the appearance of a mini-dresser. It needs a little TLC, but overall, its in good shape. I think I may just paint the top since it has a little water damage, and add some new knobs. Wanna know what I paid for this beauty?!

Yep! $6.99!! Can't beat that price

It lights up! Too cute for the porch. I think it was $5.99. And like I said, Critterbug loves it. She's been carrying it everywhere

I also got this cutie for around $3. 

This was the most expensive thing I bought. I spent $18 for the set of 5... which I think is a decent price b/c Walmart was selling the little ones for around $5/a piece

Grand total-$102.65

My future crafter :) $2.75 for the letter organizer

Check back to see what I do with all of this thrifty goodness!

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  1. OOOO I can't wait to see what all you do with these! The little mini wanna be dresser too stinkin' cute. All the fall goodies are so fun.