Wednesday, October 30, 2013


This kid would paint every single day if you let her. She absolutely loves it. Turn your back for a second, and she will be covered from head to waist in it. Ha

I wanted her to paint something pretty like this on the canvas, but instead she did it on ugly lined paper :/

I took a cheapy canvas and added an A in painters tape, then let her go to town :)

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A horse, of course.

I made this super cute horse last week, and I was all ready to share it on the Friday link-up, but then my power went out, and for some reason the draft isnt on my post list. CURSES!! Uploading DSLR pics takes wayyyyy longer, and I already invest 15 minutes into uploading them the first time. C'est la vie.

Anywho, here is my cute little horse I made. You may have seen her if you liked my facebook page (hint hint! I only need 7 more likes until I can have a custom domain name)

S/he still needs some eyes, but I havent decided on them yet. I need to swing by JoAnns (the ONLY craft store in our town :/) and see what I can dream up. I also want to pick up some Christmas fabrics and work on some cute ornaments I have in mind.

And, just because it's cute, a picture of littlebit feeding the ducks at the park a few weeks ago that I never shared. Pardon the blur in the middle. She stuck her finger on the lense while she was playing with the camera, and no one noticed until we uploaded the pictures.

Other than crafting, I don't have a lot to report on. We've been staying home & being lazy a lot lately since it's been so cold. We went to a Halloween party a week and half ago, so I feel like Halloween is already over. With November fast approaching, I've got Christmas on the brain. I'm ready to take down all my fall decorations and pull out the Christmas ones. I've got a bunch that are snowy winter decorations, which I might go ahead and pull out this weekend since we're expecting snow next week here. This might actually stick around since its going to be over the course of a few days. I'm pretty impressed with making it this far with no sticking snow in Alaska, and I have high hopes that winter here wont be as bad as it sounds.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Elroy the Elephant

Yesterday I made this cutie-patootie. I still have some tweeking to do to the pattern I made. I want to change up the ears so that the section that attaches to the head is a little smaller, and the legs need to be thicker, but overall, I think it came out pretty well, considering I've never made a stuffed animal before the owl I made on Monday.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shabby Chic Owl Tutorial

First step is to make a template. All I did was google owl template to get some ideas, then I made the shape in my Silhouette software, and cut it out on a file folder, since I had a whole box from my teaching days. I also wanted something a little sturdier than paper, so I could make more of these little guys. If you don't have a Silhouette or Cricut, no problem! Just print it out, and use that.

I made two stencils, one for the body, and one for the "extras" since I wanted to be able to change out the colors.

Fold your fabric in half, and trace the shape on. Then pin it in place. Folding it in half means you only have to cut it out once, instead of twice. Don't look at my horrible pin job. I never pin the way you are supposed to. I get so nervous that the needle is going to hit the pin that I always pull them out before they get that far. It would be REALLY helpful if you ironed it so it wasn't a big wrinkly mess, but obviously I didnt.

Once it's pinned, cut it out.

Then pull apart the two body pieces and pin on the detail pieces. Make sure you only pin them to ONE piece, or you'll be in trouble. Again, ignore the pinning.

All the details are sewn on, and contemplating making it into a t-shirt for myself... Ha!

Back on track! Go find your second body piece... if you also have children, good luck finding it.

Put the nice sides together and pin around the outsides. Then sew about 1/4 of an inch from the edge. You dont want to sew too close, or the fabric will fray and pull out the stitching.

Turn him/her right-side out

Stuff it full of polyfill

And enjoy its adorableness

How big is this kid?!?! She loves the Owl. She's currently pushing him around in her baby carriage.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Excuses, Excuses!

It seems like everyone always has a list of excuses when they disappear from blogger for a while. I'm no exception. I've been a horrible blogger lately. I was doing really well for a while, participating in link parties and a fall swap. I was starting to get more followers since only two amazingly awesome women stuck around from my first round of blogging before the little bit (Go follow THIS crocheting mama and the awesome JMO. Not only are they awesome ladies, they're super loyal followers) I stalk these two ladies on Instagram so that I can keep up with them when I turn into a bad blogger.

Anywho, back to being a slacker... I just started to get consistent comments from a few more lovely bloggers, and then I go and disappear off the grid for a while with only a few link-ups where I didnt even have to think to write them, because the awesome Allie gave me the topic. I havent even participated in 5 on Friday in like 3 weeks. Super lame-o right here.

I've got a laundry list of excuses as to why I haven't been on. The same lame excuses you've all heard when other people disappear. Spending time with the family, just got super busy, etc. etc. Sometimes it is hard to find time to blog without feeling like a bad wife/mom for neglecting other things, but in all honesty, there are 24 hours in the day, I can stop for 10 minutes and write a post. I've just been lazy. My little one stuck my Macbook charger in her mouth, then plugged it back in, so it wont charge. Until I get the chance to get it brought in, its pretty much toast. We have an iMac upstairs in our office that's pretty much untouched because its upstairs in our room. Today I dragged my sewing machine, all my fabric, and my Silhouette cutting machine upstairs and turned our office into a crafting paradise. My little one is watching Dora and playing happily with some toys while I'm working away.

I'm actually loving working up here. We normally spend most of the day downstairs, so the new scenery has given the little one a whole new world of things to get into. While my upstairs is now a train-wreck, its giving me a little bit of time to get things accomplished.

I signed up to do a craft fair on Dec 7th, so I've been stalking pinterest for inspiration, and working on getting an inventory together. I told myself I could spend $100 on supplies (not to include the $25 for the table) and see how it went, if it goes well, I'll try out some other craft fairs, and if not, then I wont have lost too much, and chalk it up to a lesson learned. I've been making applique shirts like crazy lately. I made a facebook page for my creations incase I dont sell anything at the craft fair. I will post the link on the local for-sale page, and try to make back some of the money I put into it on there (You can find it here) If you "like" it, bare with me because I'm just getting things posted.

The whole point of this post is to hold myself accountable with not disappearing again. I've got a post waiting to go live as soon as my super cute fall swap partner Kaylin gets her care package. And I plan on sharing what I'm making for the craft fair with y'all. I don't want to lose the few followers that I have, so no more suck-fest starting NOW!

Here is a sneak peak at what I'm working on today, I'll be back tomorrow to show you the finished project :)

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I'm feeling 21

Allie is hosting another fun link-up that I decided to participate in since I've been sucking on the blogging lately. I posted the picture I shared with y'all of the horse onsie I made for Critterbug on the local kids for-sale page, and now I have 6 orders to complete for different t-shirts. Not complaining about some extra cash, but trying to fit in cutting out t-shirt appliques and sewing them on for good measure with a wild 18 month old isnt the easiest. I've also had 100+ pictures to edit. I guess when you dabble in a little bit of everything, you stay busy.

Anywho... the link up... your 21st birthday. Was this really 7 years ago?! When did I get so old :(

Feelin' 21 Link Up

In college, I was in a Sorority, so I was drinking like a fish far before my 21st birthday. Although I was no stranger to the bar scene, it was nice to be able to start showing my own ID at the door. I was a senior (darn you september birthday) and I had actually settled down as far as drinking goes, trading beer from a funnel for wine in a glass (out of bottle, not a box!!) until I see these pictures, and wonder how I could think this is "settled down." Ha! I went out with a bunch of girls from my block course (aka a bunch of future teachers) and I'm sure these pictures don't help your faith in the education of your children. Bah ha ha.

Make friends with the bartender. Drinks are way cheaper ;) All of these ladies are now teachers. Don't worry, unless you live in NY.

Take some tequila shots... check out the creepy old guy on the right

Dancing to the beat of my own drum

Why of course I want to dance on the bar

Remember the creeper from the shots picture, yep he wrangled me into a dance. I'm obviously thrilled he chose me to be his dance partner.

And whats a 21st birthday without some kisses?! That box in my hand, its some weird collapsable coffee cup I got from the bartender in the first pic. I wouldnt talk to ANYONE unless I was using the box as some weird puppet. I'd say it was a successful 21st!

Not my 21st, but a few extra pictures to share with y'all as a further reminder, that I spent 6 years educating the youth of tomorrow. Worried yet?! Just kidding!

Vodka and beer?!?! It's electric lemonade (once you add a container of lemonade mix), and it will knock you on your butt, guaranteed!

Always with 2 drinks... and I rarely purchased either

Who needs a glass?! Just give me a straw.

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It smells like "old lady" O.o

I found this cute box of unopened potpourri at the thrift store. I liked the pretty blue color, and the mix of rustic looking pinecones/decorative twine balls. However, when I picked it up, I thought that mystic midnight referred to the pretty blue color, not the stink of old lady. No offense if you are an old lady, but this reminds me too much of cheap K-Mart perfume. Boo.

Then I remembered that I had bought this big glass jar in my thrifting stash, and I figured it was the perfect place to stick my old lady potpourri. 

All filled up and looking lovely, and thanks to the lid, I dont have to smell any mystic midnight grossness :)

Now I just need somewhere cute to put it.

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