Friday, October 4, 2013

Hungry Moose & Marker Covered Pups

I didn't even realize it was Friday until I started to see this little booger popping up on my bloglovin feed

1. This week I tried out THIS yummy recipe that I found while reading The Farmer and the Bell.  I did a little bit of substituting, and it still came out great. The hubs ate himself sick! I pretty much followed the recipe, but I made my own biscuits vs using the store bought brand, and I stopped wasting money on condensed soup a while back. Not only is it full of nasty chemicals, but I also never had it when I needed it. Annoying!! I found THIS on pinterest a while back, and its way easier. I used 1 cup of 1/2 and 1/2 since its what I had (we dont drink too much milk), 1/4 flour, and 2 tabs of butter (x2 since the recipe called for 2 cans). I've even done this substitution with coconut milk and it works just as well. Still nice and creamy!

2. Mr Moose and his family stole ALL my cabbage!! I was piddling around the yard with the littlebit and I noticed my cabbage was MISSING!! I had 8 heads that were just about ready to harvest, and now all I have are these little nubs of nothing :( Upon further inspection I found moose prints right through the middle of my garden. I hope you enjoyed them Moose Family, because I worked hard with my black thumb to grow those :/

3. Markers... and pens... and crayons... oh my! Critterbug has been coloring ALL OVER everything. I finally figured out she was stealing pens from the hubs work shirts after I caught her coloring in pretty much every book she owns. I've also caught her coloring on the walls & putting purple marker on the pitbulls. Oh vey! 

Looking guilty as ever!

4. I am super proud of this shirt that I made her this week. If you follow me on Instagram (emads914) then you have already seen this little beaut!

5. As an Army Wife, I am soooooooooooooo sick of everyone freaking out over the government shut down. Some of the wives on these facebook pages went batshitcraaaaaazzzzyyyyy about their husbands not getting paid... and now that the commissary's are closed, you'd think the world was OVER! Hello ladies, there is this thing called a grocery store. If you drive your happy little butts out the gate, you can find a whole bunch of them out there. They have plenty of food, but sadly, you'll have to load your own groceries into the car this time.

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  1. hey girl!! found you on the linkup! :) love that you're a teacher turned SAHM. i just left teaching after 4 years and am nannying for a bit. hopefully the next step (not yet...but eventually!! ;)) will be SAHMommyhood!

    also - can't believe you made that shirt!(!!!) how crafty are you?!!! awesome! it's adorable!!!


  2. I was worried about squirrels & rabbits eating our tomatoes and you have moose! CRAZY!
    My little bean is all about the pens and markers right now too...she especially likes the ones you can click.

  3. Well that shirt is just too cute!

    The moose family ate pretty good sorry that it was at your expense... I also have a black thumb so I feel your frustration!

  4. I'm glad I am not friends with too many Army folks on facebook. I would probably defriend if they complained about the government shutdown. There is such a sense of entitlement amoung a lot of Army folks. Yeah. It's sucked that families have been involved in war for 12 years now. However, there was a day that the Army didn't provide half the shit they provide. I think we can survive the time of the shutdown. Walmart is located pretty much next to any military installation. It's pretty cheap. Venture off post and go there. If it bothers you so much, why are you complaining on facebook instead of being politically active? I don't know what it's like to be an E-3 single income household, but I do know the world is not going to end with a government shutdown. It didn't in the 70s, 80s, 90s, or now.