Wednesday, October 9, 2013

I'm feeling 21

Allie is hosting another fun link-up that I decided to participate in since I've been sucking on the blogging lately. I posted the picture I shared with y'all of the horse onsie I made for Critterbug on the local kids for-sale page, and now I have 6 orders to complete for different t-shirts. Not complaining about some extra cash, but trying to fit in cutting out t-shirt appliques and sewing them on for good measure with a wild 18 month old isnt the easiest. I've also had 100+ pictures to edit. I guess when you dabble in a little bit of everything, you stay busy.

Anywho... the link up... your 21st birthday. Was this really 7 years ago?! When did I get so old :(

Feelin' 21 Link Up

In college, I was in a Sorority, so I was drinking like a fish far before my 21st birthday. Although I was no stranger to the bar scene, it was nice to be able to start showing my own ID at the door. I was a senior (darn you september birthday) and I had actually settled down as far as drinking goes, trading beer from a funnel for wine in a glass (out of bottle, not a box!!) until I see these pictures, and wonder how I could think this is "settled down." Ha! I went out with a bunch of girls from my block course (aka a bunch of future teachers) and I'm sure these pictures don't help your faith in the education of your children. Bah ha ha.

Make friends with the bartender. Drinks are way cheaper ;) All of these ladies are now teachers. Don't worry, unless you live in NY.

Take some tequila shots... check out the creepy old guy on the right

Dancing to the beat of my own drum

Why of course I want to dance on the bar

Remember the creeper from the shots picture, yep he wrangled me into a dance. I'm obviously thrilled he chose me to be his dance partner.

And whats a 21st birthday without some kisses?! That box in my hand, its some weird collapsable coffee cup I got from the bartender in the first pic. I wouldnt talk to ANYONE unless I was using the box as some weird puppet. I'd say it was a successful 21st!

Not my 21st, but a few extra pictures to share with y'all as a further reminder, that I spent 6 years educating the youth of tomorrow. Worried yet?! Just kidding!

Vodka and beer?!?! It's electric lemonade (once you add a container of lemonade mix), and it will knock you on your butt, guaranteed!

Always with 2 drinks... and I rarely purchased either

Who needs a glass?! Just give me a straw.

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  1. Hey keeping it real! I love it :) If people worry about you being a teacher because of these pictures then they have forgotten we have all been there, done that in some way, shape or form haha.

  2. Classic photos! I'm not sure they had cameras back when I turned 21. ;)