Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My cheap-o fall decor

Before I moved to Alaska, a lot of people who had been stationed in my home state (although 3 hours from my parents house) said that New York was a lot like Alaska. Well, they're a bunch of LIARS!! Ha! If you're not from NY, I guess you could say that the climates are very similar, and they look alike with their scenic mountains and streams, but aside from that, they're not very alike.

I asked on a local facebook page where I should go looking for pinecones for a craft project, and I was told JoAnns. Apparently, pinecones don't really grow here. Unlike the East Coast, where you could find them anywhere. I wish I had know this prior to leaving NC, because they have big gorgeous ones that I would have scooped up. Thankfully, one of the ladies said she had 3 grocery bags full that she brought up from Wisconsin that she would sell me for $5. I can handle that. Cheaper than the craft store, and no annoying cinnamon smell. I didn't check them until I got home, but they were the long spruce tree kind, not the big, fat pinecones most people imagines, but since I was making a round wreath. I think they worked out better than if I had the shorter, fatter kind.

I picked up a wire wreath in the craft section of Walmart for around three dollars. I figured it would be a lot easier to attach oddly shaped pinecones, and it was also way cheaper than buying a foam ones. It was a super easy project. I just hot glued the little buggers around the wire wreath. The hardest part was not hot-gluing myself to the pinecones ;)

And since it looked a little boring on its own, I added this fun sparkly bow. I also gave it a few squirts of a matte spray paint sealant to protect it.


Total: $15 ($10 if you don't have to buy pinecones like I did) $3 for the wire wreath, $3 for the ribbon, and $4 for the spray sealant

I also made these cute fall-ish candle holders for super cheap too.

Again, acorns dont grow here in Alaska, because we dont have Oak trees (or at least I haven't seen any) so I had my dad bring me a sandwich baggy of them when they came to visit last week. Walmart was asking like $6 for them! Oh heck no!! I just followed THIS tutorial to clean them. You just wash them up really well, and bake them for 2 hrs on 200 to make sure you kill any buggies, and to dry them out. Then spray seal them, and you're set to craft with them. I got this glass for around $3 at the thrift store.

I used raffia as a filler for the bottom, and boy is this stuff messssssssy!! If you're going to use it, and only need a little like me, do yourself a favor and DONT pull the whole thing out of the bag. It will explode into a huge mess of hay all over your counter. Just cut off the little bit that you need. It took me like 4 tries to get this back into the bag.

Total: $6-$3 for the glass, and $3 for the raffia. I had the center candle floating around the house & I used the same spray sealant as on my pinecone wreath.

Wanna see what an Alaskan "pinecone" looks like?! Yep, these itty-bitties are the best you'll get. It would have taken me a million years to collect enough to cover my door wreath, but I couldn't pass up using these little cuties. 

Found another one of my thrift store glasses, added a little of the raffia from my acorn project, and spray sealed them too.

Total: $2 for the glass-I had everything else from the other projects (I got this cute little harvest time pumpkin from the thrift store also for $3-not sure why that was my magic number on all these projects.)

So go out and collect some acorns and pinecones, and make yourself something cute for fall :)

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  1. Very cute :) All I did was a wreath for the front door so you are doing waaay better than me! haha