Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Shabby Chic Owl Tutorial

First step is to make a template. All I did was google owl template to get some ideas, then I made the shape in my Silhouette software, and cut it out on a file folder, since I had a whole box from my teaching days. I also wanted something a little sturdier than paper, so I could make more of these little guys. If you don't have a Silhouette or Cricut, no problem! Just print it out, and use that.

I made two stencils, one for the body, and one for the "extras" since I wanted to be able to change out the colors.

Fold your fabric in half, and trace the shape on. Then pin it in place. Folding it in half means you only have to cut it out once, instead of twice. Don't look at my horrible pin job. I never pin the way you are supposed to. I get so nervous that the needle is going to hit the pin that I always pull them out before they get that far. It would be REALLY helpful if you ironed it so it wasn't a big wrinkly mess, but obviously I didnt.

Once it's pinned, cut it out.

Then pull apart the two body pieces and pin on the detail pieces. Make sure you only pin them to ONE piece, or you'll be in trouble. Again, ignore the pinning.

All the details are sewn on, and contemplating making it into a t-shirt for myself... Ha!

Back on track! Go find your second body piece... if you also have children, good luck finding it.

Put the nice sides together and pin around the outsides. Then sew about 1/4 of an inch from the edge. You dont want to sew too close, or the fabric will fray and pull out the stitching.

Turn him/her right-side out

Stuff it full of polyfill

And enjoy its adorableness

How big is this kid?!?! She loves the Owl. She's currently pushing him around in her baby carriage.

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