Alaska Bucket List

__ See orcas in Prince William Sound
__ See beluga whales near Beluga Point
__ See a wild polar bear
__ See a wild grizzly bear
__ Feed a wild moose
__ See wild seals
 X Visit Denali National Park
__ Stick my feet in the Arctic Ocean
__ Swim in the Pacific Ocean
 X Visit the North Pole
__ Meet Sarah Palin
__ Run into Sarah Palin around Wasilla
__Visit Kennicott ghost town
 X Pan for gold
__ Go whale watching
__ Go clamming at Clam Gulch
__ See the Ititarod start
__ See Bridal Veil Falls in Keystone Canyon
__ Ride in a dog sled
__ Visit the Moose Droppings Festival in Talkeetna
 X See Mount McKinley
__ Visit the Anchorage Museum of Natural History
 X Visit the Alaska Zoo
 X Visit the Alaska State Fair
__ Visit the Alaska Botanical Gardens
__ Visit the Winter Solstice Festival in Fairbanks
__ See the Norther Lights
__ Visit the Musk Ox farm in Palmer
__ Visit the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward
 X Visit the Reindeer Farm in Palmer
 X See Independence Mine at Hatchers Pass
 X Visit the Bear Paw Festival in Eagle River
 X Visit Colony Days in Palmer
__ See the rainforest in Valdez
__ Sit in the Hot Springs in Chena
__ Visit the Alaska Transportation Museum in Wasilla
 X Catch a salmon
__ See the combat fisherman
__ Visit the Alaska Islands near Homer
__ Touch a glacier
__ Race a duck at the Golden Days Festival in Fairbanks
__ See puffins in Kenai National Park
__ See the crab boats at Kodiak Island
__ Visit the capital
__ Visit Houston's Founders Day

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